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A Very Happy New Year

Untitled document Courtesy of frequent commenter NortonPete who sent this link, comes a story about a town that would not ignore a wounded veteran. In fact, they made sure that Jim Benoit and his wife Pam have a new home … Continue reading

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“Dozens” Turn Out To Support Sheehan: Crowd Boos

Untitled document The 2008 Tournament of Roses parade was, yet again, a huge success. Cindy Sheehan's "Absolute Moral Authority", not so much. Those who spent New Year's Eve camped curbside were joined at dawn by giddy visitors arriving by car, … Continue reading

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The March Of The Emperors

Untitled document You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll laugh until you cry. Then, you'll fall out of your chair.   Just one of the top time-wasters of 2007, as picked by Steve Bass at PC World. My personal favorites are the … Continue reading

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HDTV Converter Coupons Now Available

Untitled document The Federal government has made coupons worth $40 toward the cost of buying a converter box that will allow existing televisions work with the new HDTV system available starting today. The current broadcasts will cease on Feb. 18, … Continue reading

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Would-Be Assassin Paroled

Untitled document Sara Jane Moore, who attempted to kill President Gerald Ford has been released from Federal prison after 32 years in custody. Officials are not saying why Moore, now 77 years old, was released. She was serving a life … Continue reading

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Pigeon Smuggling Ring Busted

Untitled document US Customs officials have broken up a pigeon smuggling operation at the Canadian border. The pigeons are in custody, but their human accomplices are taking the rap. LEWISTON, N.Y. – Border agents pulled four live birds from the … Continue reading

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In Today’s Happy Nude Year News

Untitled document A woman has been arrested on assault charges after allegedly beating the heck out of her boyfriend while the two were nude together in a shower. The cause of the incident was the boyfriend's insistence that the man's … Continue reading

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If Guns Are Outlawed…..

Untitled document How will idiots get tattoos? Two geniuses in New Mexico managed to shoot themselves when the loaded .357 magnum they were tracing to make a pattern for a tattoo went off. Yes, you read that correctly. They managed to both … Continue reading

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American Diplomat Murdered In Sudan

Untitled document An American diplomat and his driver were gunned down in Khartoum, Sudan today. Officials are not certain whether the killing was political in nature or just a random street crime. It was not immediately known if the attack … Continue reading

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Untitled document In today's New York Times, John Tierney makes a bold prediction: global warming hysterics will seize upon every weather anomaly that they can say proves their point and will completely ignore any event that does not fit their … Continue reading

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Iraqi New Year!

Untitled document It is impossible for even Reuters to ignore the fact that things have changed so much in Iraq that this year civilians are partying to ring in the new year. 2008 arrived in a less-violent Baghdad, and residents … Continue reading

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