A Very Happy New Year

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Courtesy of frequent commenter NortonPete who sent this link, comes a story about a town that would not ignore a wounded veteran. In fact, they made sure that Jim Benoit and his wife Pam have a new home to live in. Wharton, New Jersey pulled together and built a house for the wounded Iraq veteran and handed him the keys in a ceremony on December 27 – a New Year present that could not be better for the Benoits, who can now move out of a cramped mobile home.  

Wounded veteran Jim Benoit was officially handed the keys to a new Wharton home Thursday, capping a year-plus long effort that enlisted hundreds of volunteers, help from 70 local companies and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to build it for him.

Benoit and his wife Pam are preparing to move out of a cramped trailer at nearby Picatinny Arsenal into the two-story, wheelchair-accessible, 2,400 square-foot Colonial in January.

Benoit joined the Army out of high school, had served a month in Afghanistan and was on his second tour of duty in Iraq when an explosive device detonated under the Humvee he was driving, nearly killing him.

The September 2005 blast blew a hole out of Benoit's backside that required 80 surgeries and sparked his hometown to rally around him.

Wharton Borough Council President Scott Hutchins enlisted support from the Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization Homes for Our Troops. Local companies donated everything from a floor heating system to portable toilets for the construction site.

Military personnel from the rank of private right on up through a general and lots and lots of local folks pitched in to make this come true for the Benoits.  

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4 Responses to A Very Happy New Year

  1. Compare and contrast this story with the previous one about Mama Moonbat.

    Hundreds of volunteers and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised to make a positive impact on _one_ soldiers life. Dozens of freaks and thousands of dollars spent on one sick woman’s crusade.

    Sadly the MSM revels in Cindy rather than the good Americans of Wharton, New Jersey. I’ll bet they, the good Americans, care less and poor Mama Moonbat cares oh so much about the attention.

    And that makes this a Happy New Year indeed.

  2. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Thanks, NortonPete and Gaius! Good news indeed!

    On a completely unrelated note – there has been a great deal of turmoil in Kenya over the recent election. There is a small possibility that the relatively democratic Kibaki government could collapse over this.

    My wife’s family lives in northern Tanzania. If there is a major crisis in Kenya, there could be flood of refugees into Tanzania – just what the country does not need. This situation is very personal because we have family and friends there.

    There was some trouble a few years ago while I was living there. Displaced (and armed) Somali militia members had drifted south for some time and had finally made their way into the northern Tanzania area where they resorted to banditry, killing several dozen people. This could possibly be worse if the country splits along tribal lines (a distinct possibility given the policies of the previous president Daniel arap-Moi)and armed factions start shooting at one another.

  3. NortonPete says:

    I hope things improve soon and your family and friends are safe.

    I used “yahoo” and “ask” search engines to find references to Jim Benoit. A couple of references turned up from the the local paper and the above link ( also local ) along with one from “Homes for Our Troops”.
    That was about it. As mentioned above why wasn’t this story picked up by one of the larger MSM networks? Good news seems to go nowhere today but thankfully it made it to BCB.

  4. martian says:

    Wharton is a town all America can be proud of. Would that we could take care of ALL of our wounded vets the way they took care of Jim Benoit!

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