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Novak Calling For Clinton To Place Third In Iowa

Untitled document Robert Novak is calling a third place finish for Hillary Clinton as highly probable. This may well explain the high rpm spin that Tom Vilsack is attempting to apply in advance of the caucuses (previous post). The Democratic … Continue reading

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Breaking The RPM Barrier!

Untitled document The Clinton campaign is generating spin at unprecedented levels today, with one of her surrogates saying she has accomplished everything and a third place finish is hokey-dokey. Yeah, sure. As the presidential candidates engage in furious pre-caucus spin, … Continue reading

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Eagle, Birdie, Python

Untitled document All you duffers out there will have experienced the infamous lost ball. That happens when a golf ball simply vanishes after you hit it. Many of you have learned to curse your clubs, the course, your skills (or … Continue reading

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The Authoritarian Left In Oz

Untitled document The brand new labor government in Australia has wasted no time in setting forth their authoritarian agenda. First up: internet censorship. Civil liberty groups in Oz are going bonkers over this one, the Rudd government, however, is pushing … Continue reading

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Securing The UFO Vote

Untitled document The Wall Street Journal recounts the story of Dennis Kucinich and his close encounter with a UFO. Kucinich himself absolutely refused to have anything to do with the story, but two people who say they were with him … Continue reading

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D.B. Cooper – Back In The News

Untitled document NortonPete sent me a link about this from the San Francisco Chronicle and today it showed up in the New York Times as well. It seems the FBI has reopened the investigation into the 1971 hijacking by someone … Continue reading

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Eastern US In The Deep Freeze

Untitled document Although there will be a warming trend starting in a few days, before the US gets to that it has to get past the arctic chill that is gripping the Eastern half of the nation. Freezing weather is … Continue reading

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Students Shiver In Washington, DC Schools

Untitled document Accuweather says that Washington, DC weather is currently pretty cold, but will be warming up a bit later in the week. Which is a good thing, since Washington area school heating systems are breaking down left and right. … Continue reading

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