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CNN Calls Iowa For Obama – Clinton Comes In Third

Untitled document Second and third place are close, but CNN is calling Iowa for Obama by five points for Obama. Clinton trails Edwards by a percentage point. Huckabee takes the Republican caucus. Mike Huckabee will be the Republican winner in Iowa, … Continue reading

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Warning: Your Computer Can Give YOU A Virus

Untitled document Here's some happy news from Healthday. Your computer keyboard or mouse is quite capable of transmitting the stomach flu to you or from you to others. The nasty little norovirus can live on those – and other – … Continue reading

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Messing About In Cars – South African Style

Untitled document A few days ago, we here at Blue Crab Boulevard reported on the newest rage in New York City: rats living under the hood of your car. Those particular rodents are trying to learn how to hotwire cars … Continue reading

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May The Farce Be With You

Untitled document A group of eight friends, operating out of a garage in Britain, are filming spoofs of the Star Wars films that rival the originals in quality. They're doing it for a song, too, with production costs of around … Continue reading

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More Science That Than You Need To Know

Untitled document Yesterday, we brought the news that the primary cause of missing golf balls had been discovered: Fairway Pythons. Well, guys, it just got worse. Science has discovered a real menace: The Fashion Snake. And they're eating the models!   … Continue reading

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Ski Florida!

Untitled document Florida citrus growers may have dodged at least the worst of the crop damage that a major cold snap brought to the shivering Sunshine State. But it has snowed overnight in some areas in Florida. The bitter cold has enveloped many … Continue reading

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Handy-Dandy Pre-Post-Caucus Spin Guide

Untitled document Chuck Todd at MSNBC has your handy-dandy guide to post-Iowa-caucus spin all made up in advance. He lays out how he thinks the various camps will spin any possible outcome to the caucuses. Well, not every scenario, but … Continue reading

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Novak Autopsies Clinton Iowa Campaign

Untitled document Robert Novak, who appears to be very confident that his prediction of a third place finish for Hillary Clinton is accurate, is also fairly certain he knows why Clinton got into trouble: Clintonian triangulation, too early on. (Mark) … Continue reading

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Things Getting Ugly In Kenya

Untitled document The Financial Times notes just how potentially ugly things are getting in Kenya – a country that was almost a model in Africa up until these past few years. They see great danger there -but interestingly, they are not making … Continue reading

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The American Paradox

Untitled document Daniel Henninger points out a rather ridiculous paradox in the polls of American voters. While some 80% believe their personal lives are on track and are satisfied with those lives, a full 70% also believe that the nation … Continue reading

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