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Hillary Booed In New Hampshire

Untitled document It officially just got worse for Hillary Clinton. In the biggest New Hampshire "100 Club" dinner in history, she was booed twice by fellow Democrats. By comparison Hillary was twice booed. The first time was when she said … Continue reading

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Untitled document Hillary Clinton, the candidate for youth? No, seriously, Hillary! is trying to make the case that she is the one and only candidate for the younger voters in America. A more jaded eye might say that she took … Continue reading

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Arctic Storm Beats Heck Out Of California

Untitled document This is a bad one. The Arctic storm that hit California today has left one million people without power. Snowfall in the Sierra Nevada mountains is expected to top ten feet. As bad as that all is, there … Continue reading

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Bubba Whines: The Media Will Make Us Go Negative

Untitled document There is something utterly sickening about a former President whining – especially when it's Bill Clinton whining about the media coverage Hillary has been getting. Even more so when he uses that whining as an excuse to say … Continue reading

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Winter Storms Lash Europe

Untitled document Bulgaria and Romania are reeling under heavy snow that has caused near collapse of the transportation systems. A ship appears to have been lost with all hands in the Black Sea as the storm battered the areas. Bucharest, … Continue reading

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Heavy Snow In Pyrenees Leads To Avalanches, Deaths

Untitled document Heavy snowfalls in the Pyrenees have led to avalanche conditions that have claimed the lives of three skiers in Spain. The snowfall has been so heavy that many ski areas have been forced to close entire sections. Mountain rescue … Continue reading

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Armed Citizen Stops Armed Robbery

Untitled document A legally armed citizen stopped an armed robbery at a food store in Indianapolis, Indiana, disarming the would-be holdup man and holding him at gunpoint until police arrived. Charlie Merrell, 51, was standing in a checkout lane at … Continue reading

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The Arctic Comes To California

Untitled document Forecasters are warning Californians that they are in for a rough weekend as arctic storms barrel into their state. There are wind, rain, avalanche, blizzard, mudslide, boating and a bunch of other warnings being announced. This is going to … Continue reading

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The Expectations Game

Untitled document John Distaso, senior political reporter for the New Hampshire Union-Leader, plays the expectations game for that state's primary. There are some candidates who may hit the wall there – and others who could be huge winners. For those … Continue reading

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Scratching The Itch?

Untitled document Michael Barone, writing in the Opinion Journal, sees a rather obvious 16-year pattern in American politics. Looking at the elections of 1976, 1992 and now 2008, he wonders if there isn't a 16-year itch in the electorate. He … Continue reading

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Hard To Stop

Untitled document David Yepsen, a political media icon of sorts in Iowa, predicts that Obama is going to be very hard to stop nationally now. Following Obama's impressive win in the Iowa caucuses, Yepsen sees a real problem for Clinton – … Continue reading

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Unhappy Returns

Untitled document The Des Moines Register reports the official results this morning from last night's Iowa Caucuses. There will be no joy in some Mudvilles this morning: Democrats (100% reporting): Barack Obama – 38 percent John Edwards – 30 percent … Continue reading

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