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Untitled document Roger Simon at the Politico (not the other Roger Simon) notes that the Clinton campaign may be in more trouble than they even realize. Because instead of being a bit frightened by the outcome in Iowa, they are … Continue reading

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Just How Much Damage Did Bill Clinton Do?

Untitled document I posted about Bill Clinton's attack on the media and his attempt to blame them in advance for Hillary Clinton having to go negative. I also just posted at what I think is a return volley from the … Continue reading

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Bring Forth The Relic

Untitled document The Associated Press evokes a somewhat unflattering image of Bill Clinton by calling him a a campaign prop and a political relic. Reporter Nancy Benac will likely be dropped from Hillary's "Happy Holidays" card list as a result. … Continue reading

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The Left Versus The Left

Untitled document Mark Steyn takes a look at Mike Huckabee's victory in Iowa. He isn't particularly happy about it – but he also points out that if it comes down to Huckabee versus Obama, he would not count Huckabee out. … Continue reading

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Final Broadside

Untitled document George MacDonald Fraser, the author of the Flashman books as well as many other works died this week at age 82. In one last piece, published posthumously in the Daily Mail, he blasts political correctness. In the Nineties, … Continue reading

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California Storm Update

Untitled document The family that was missing in California has been located and rescued. After looking for a missing Clovis family all afternoon, search teams found 64-year-old John Hopper and his 15-year-old twins, Matt and Sarah, safe in a popular … Continue reading

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