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Stunning Poll

Untitled document A short time ago, I posted about word coming from the Clinton campaign that insiders were very worried about Hillary losing in New Hampshire. I mentioned that their internal polling must be hideous, indeed. Apparently, hideous isn't nearly a … Continue reading

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Well, It’s Not A Marvelous Night For A Moondance

Untitled document The Moondance Diner, that is. Once a famous New York eatery located close to the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, the diner had been truck all the way across the country to Wyoming. Where the snowfall crushed it. … Continue reading

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Welcome To Cape Codger

Untitled document Demographics and some bad local planning have combined to suddenly turn the population of Cape Cod much older than the rest of the country. Well, sort of. The median age is increasing much faster there than in the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me

Untitled document I should probably pay more attention to things like this – as Jim Lynch does. Today is the Crabitat's second anniversary. Yes, I know that for some of you it seems like much, much longer. But yes, Blue … Continue reading

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Wheels Coming Off Clinton Campaign?

Untitled document The Politico appears to believe that is precisely what is happening. According to their report, based on interviews with Clinton insiders, Hillary Clinton appears to be heading for defeat in New Hampshire and South Carolina – and the campaign … Continue reading

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The Gorilla His Dreams

Untitled document An American tourist in Rwanda came between a silverback gorilla and the object of the ape's affections, a young woman in the tour group. The enraged gorilla took exception to that and grabbed the man and tried to … Continue reading

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Toxic “Cure”

Untitled document I've mentioned the mercury present in compact fluorescent light bulbs before, but Britain has just issued an astonishing alert about the problem. They say that a room must be evacuated for at least 15 minutes if one of the bulbs … Continue reading

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Canned Deer

Untitled document Laurel, Montana was the scene of the newest depravity of the Animal Uprising™. The animal overlords loosed their newest secret weapon there: the canned deer. A deer got its head stuck in a coffee can Friday morning near … Continue reading

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A Danger To Democrats

Untitled document A rather interesting look at Michael Bloomberg's possible entry into the Presidential race as a third party candidate by the New York Times today indicates that he might be more of a danger to the Democrats than the … Continue reading

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Untitled document Over at The New York Post, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have an analysis of where the Democrat and Republican races stand at the moment that will make people think. They predict that the outcome of the Democratic … Continue reading

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Arctic Storm Continues To Pound West

Untitled document A desert town in Western Nevada flooded yesterday when a levee burst under the pummeling rain falling all over the area. An area that normally receives between 5 and 8 inches of rainfall annually got almost 2 inches … Continue reading

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Fear And Loathing In New Hampshire

Untitled document Hillary Clinton backers in New Hampshire are frankly terrified at what they see as Obama's unjustified rise in the polls. No, they actually do think it is unjustified and that their candidate deserves the nomination almost as a … Continue reading

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