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CNN Declares Clinton Win In New Hampshire

Untitled document CNN has called the primary for Clinton by about 3%. MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (CNN) — Sen. Hillary Clinton has won New Hampshire's Democratic primary, CNN projects. Sen. John McCain easily won the Republican primary Tuesday, but Clinton and … Continue reading

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Mailer Of Cow Head Sentenced

Untitled document A man from Lower Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania, has been sentenced to probation and community service for mailing a severed cow head to the man who had been carrying on an affair with the mailer's wife. Authorities in Lower Pottsgrove, … Continue reading

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AP Reports McCain Win In New Hampshire

Untitled document The Associated Press just issued a breaking news alert that John McCain has won in New Hampshire. No other details than just that at this point. But the link is here, which should update as more comes in. … Continue reading

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Pooch Prowling Puma Popped

Untitled document Martha Smith of Fairburn, South Dakota may be 80-years old, but she isn't one to take it lightly when a mountain lion tries to eat her dog. Nor is she unskilled with firearms. In fact, she offed the … Continue reading

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No Link Between Vaccinations And Autism

Untitled document A definitive study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry shows that there is no link between childhood vaccinations and autism. Despite the sharp reduction in the use of a preservative, thimerosal (which contains mercury), since 2001, autism … Continue reading

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SoylentVOLT Green Is People

Untitled document Local governments in Britain are planning to burn human bodies for electricity. No, really, they are. Heat created by burning the dead at crematoria could be used to keep mourners warm under plans to make funerals more environmentally-friendly. … Continue reading

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Analyzing The Arcane Rules

Untitled document Democrats have some big quirks in their nomination process. Those arcane rules actually work to Hillary Clinton's advantage even if she loses a lot of primaries in the months ahead. Jay Cost over at Real Clear Politics delves … Continue reading

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Bill’s Whining Again

Untitled document The conventional wisdom about the way the states compressed the time frame of the primaries was that those changes would benefit the candidate with the most money and best organization. In other words, it would be a boon … Continue reading

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Refusing To Deal With Reality

Untitled document Even the Washington Post is having a very hard time with the refusal of the Democrats running for the presidential nomination to deal with the reality of improvements in Iraq. They point out that the candidates appear to be … Continue reading

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