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Political Hit Jobs

Untitled document There is something particularly pathetic about what is going on right now over on the left. All the horrible, nasty things they accused Republicans of are being played out, Democrat on Democrat. This is going to be a … Continue reading

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A Burra Sahib Passes

Untitled document Known in Nepal as "burra sahib' or 'big man' due to his towering 6' 2" height, Sir Edmond Hillary has passed away at the age of 88. The modest Sir Edmund, who insisted that people just all him … Continue reading

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Untitled document One who displays “a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of long words” suffers from hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. It used to be that you heard about claustrophobia (close places) or agoraphobia (open places) and more recently Coulrophobia (clowns), but now you can sort through … Continue reading

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Hell’s Tadpoles

Untitled document The Daily Mail has pictures and video of Nong Oui, a member of the notorious Thai biker gang, the Hell's Tadpoles. The biker frog has been hanging out with Tongsai Bamroongtai, who the report names as the 'owner' of … Continue reading

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Bizarre News Juxtaposition

Untitled document References to the Book of Revelations and to the "Mark of the Beast" are fairly common, of course. But it is kind of unusual to have them pop up in three wildly different news contexts in a single … Continue reading

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Obama Gets Waffles

Untitled document John Kerry is set to endorse Barack Obama at a campaign event in North Carolina. The Politico waxes poetic about Kerry as a "popular figure" in the Democratic party, but also admits that such an endorsement rarely brings … Continue reading

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Obambi Versus Clintzilla

Untitled document Robert Tracinski uses that as the title for his column that is up over at Real Clear Politics. Comparing Obama's dewy-eyed, vague message of change to the brutal, hard-nosed, bare-knuckle politics of the Clintons, makes that comparison rather apt. As … Continue reading

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Getting It Right In Iraq

Untitled document John McCain and Joe Lieberman publish an op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal that details just how wrong the opponents of the surge strategy in Iraq have been. They caution that the changes in Iraq are not yet … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Studies Running

Untitled document The Washington Post carries an AP report that Michale Bloomberg is thinking of running for president despite the continuous denials. Michael Bloomberg has been spending gobs and gobs of money to study just that possibility. The article says that the amount … Continue reading

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No Quarter

Untitled document Robert Novak writes about the way Clinton managed to pull out a win in New Hampshire. His explanation for the victory is rather simple: politically-speaking, the Clintons give no quarter. That is something Obama will have to learn … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time

Untitled document Ann Telnaes over at the Washington Post tells a fairy tale. Tweet

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