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Nutroots Excavate

Untitled document Kos himself is instigating to have Democrats cross over in the Michigan Republican primary to vote for Romney. There is a major – ugly – flaw in his justification for doing so, as Bob Owens points out: Kos … Continue reading

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A Giant Train Set

Untitled document Just the other day, I pointed out that I thought it was a really bad idea for Boeing to integrate internet access into their new 787 aircraft. Right after that, I linked to an article that detailed how … Continue reading

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Snow In Baghdad

Untitled document The Associate Press gets it wrong right in the headline, which reads: A first! Snow falls in Baghdad. But at least the reporter, Christopher Chester, did not try to twist it around the way the AFP report did. … Continue reading

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I Think We Figured Out…..

Untitled document …How they managed to make the low bid on that new sprinkler system….. (H/T Bad Bob via email.) Tweet

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The Media Giveth, The Voters Taketh Away

Untitled document Daniel Henninger at the newly revamped Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal (it isn't a separate website any longer) has an even more simple explanation for why the New Hampshire primary turned out the exact opposite as the media had … Continue reading

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The Tragedy Of Captain Ahab Potato Head

Untitled document Or in search of the great white octopus. We regret to inform our readers that Mr. Potato Head has suffered a horrible death, dragged to a watery grave by a giant octopus. Well, ok, it's a normal-sized giant … Continue reading

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Predicting A Train Wreck

Untitled document Peggy Noonan, like me, is thinking that Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire victory was likely a combination of many different factors. It wasn't tears, sneers, media antics, odd turnout factors or comfort levels. It was a combination of that … Continue reading

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Tears Or Sneers?

Untitled document Charles Krauthammer attributes Obama's loss in New Hampshire differently than most of the developing conventional wisdom. Most people are speculating that it was Hillary's strange, tearful moment that put her over the top. Krauthammer thinks it was more … Continue reading

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