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Soros Gives Lancet A Black Eye

Untitled document This story has been percolating for a while, but I waited until it hit enough MSM outlets. I questioned the "study" released just before the 2006 elections in the Lancet, the British medical journal, that claimed that more … Continue reading

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On Such Ground

Untitled document On August 23, 1864, Abraham Lincoln had his entire cabinet sign a piece of paper. It was folded in such a way that those asked to sign it could not read the words that were written upon it. … Continue reading

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All Your Organs Are Belong Us

Untitled document Still think socialized medicine is a great idea? In Britain, the newest line of thinking for the government is that since the health care is free, they can loot your dead body for whatever fleshy bits they want … Continue reading

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Every Vote Counts – Unless They Might Be Against Hillary

Untitled document Some "Democrats" are up to some pretty sleazy – and completely undemocratic – tactics in Nevada. The teacher's union there is trying to block the Culinary Worker's union members from voting. This sudden turn of events happened when – surprise … Continue reading

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Lost Shipment

Untitled document A rural road in Cerro Gordo county, Iowa was blanketed in three inches of chicken manure over a one and a half mile stretch on Thursday. Sheriff's deputies report that a lot of people had to wash their … Continue reading

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A Quiet Giant

Untitled document Time Magazine has a really nice article about Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, or as he preferred, Ed. Written by Simon Robinson, it paints a picture of a quiet giant, an unassuming man who never thought what he had … Continue reading

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Factional Wars

Untitled document Michael Barone looks at the various political factions that are clashing in the two parties right now over at Real Clear Politics. He points out that all this has been seen before. The presidential selection process is supposed … Continue reading

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When Will Edwards Jump?

Untitled document The Washington Post speculates that John Edwards may face a moment of truth (their words) after the South Carolina primary. If he throws his support to Obama, how bad will it get for Hillary Clinton? John Edwards is … Continue reading

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