Lost Shipment

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A rural road in Cerro Gordo county, Iowa was blanketed in three inches of chicken manure over a one and a half mile stretch on Thursday. Sheriff's deputies report that a lot of people had to wash their cars as a result.

"The end gate failed on the semi and that's what caused it," sheriff's Deputy Frank Hodak said of the spill, which happened Thursday on a two-lane road northeast of Mason City.

Hodak said the driver, Jay Daniel McDonough, 33, of Nora Springs, didn't realize there was a problem.

"No, not for a 1 1/2 miles. I think he went to turn on a different road and saw it," Hodak said.

The deputy said he had "no clue" how much manure spilled, but it was a lot.

"The whole southbound lane of the road was completely blocked. It was probably about 3 inches deep," Hodak said.

Heavy equipment, including a skidloader and endloader, was brought in to clean up the mess. The county then dumped sand on the road. Clean up took about 2 hours.

There is no word on which presidential campaign the load belonged to.

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4 Responses to Lost Shipment

  1. old_dawg says:

    I’m guessing the Edwards campaign, since it is chickenstuff.

  2. Mockin'bird says:

    Sounds like a s**tload.

  3. MikeM says:

    Since it was chicken “manure”, it would have to be one of the Dems. If it was bull “manure”, you could blame the Republican candidates.

  4. Larry says:

    Anybody but me worried about a truck driver that doesn’t look in his mirrors for a mile and half?

    The good news is he did look during the turn….

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