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She Was For Defeat Before She Was Against it

Untitled document A lot of the blogosphere today has been focused on Hillary Clinton's Meet the Press interview. But they have mostly focused on the growing racial antipathy between Clinton and Barack Obama. Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit notices … Continue reading

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Bobbing For Goats

Untitled document A Pennsylvania man had to shoot a bobcat that was indulging in the sport of bobbing for goats. Or bob-catting for goats, as the case may be. Jesse Stuver was alerted by a neighbor that a bobcat was … Continue reading

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Paging Doctor Frankenstein

Untitled document As the AFP report puts it, this would make the fictional Dr. Frankenstein quite jealous. American researchers have essentially made a brand new animal heart out of the stripped down remains of a once living heart. And they have … Continue reading

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Environmental Luddites

Untitled document The followers of Ned Ludd are alive and well. And they wear green. Jeremy Clarkson describes the antics of the environmentalists in Britain this week in today's Sunday Times. A couple of weeks ago, plans for a wonderful … Continue reading

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A Word With No Meaning

Untitled document Timothy Noah, a senior writer at Slate, pens an op-ed in today's Los Angeles Times that analyzes a word that has become increasingly popular with politicians while simultaneously losing all real meaning. He says that it is time … Continue reading

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Going Back To The Old Days

Untitled document Charming news today. Older computer users are going to remember, not fondly, the old MS-DOS boot sector viruses that used to be fairly common. Newer users may not have even heard of them, as they haven't really been … Continue reading

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Permanently Fluffy

Untitled document Fluffy now has a permanent home in Columbus, Ohio. She'll be dining on a couple of rabbits each week and entertaining visitors to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on a permanent basis – up until now she was … Continue reading

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Don’t Fly For Me, Argentina

Untitled document Argentina's main airport in Buenos Aires was the scene of a riot after the national airline canceled international flights for the second day in a row. The would-be passengers tore the place up pretty badly and hurled objects … Continue reading

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NYT Hatchet Job

Untitled document This is an ugly story. The New York Times generates a blatantly slanted story attempting to paint war veterans as damaged, defective murderers just waiting to be unleashed on an unwitting America. They cherry pick the stories of … Continue reading

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Whining About Disenfranchisement In Nevada

Untitled document There is something supremely ironic about Hillary Clinton bemoaning the "disenfranchisement" of people in Nevada due to the cumbersome caucus system in public while her surrogates are working desperately to disenfranchise members of a union that endorsed Obama. … Continue reading

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