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Say A Prayer

Untitled document If you're a praying person, please say a prayer for Tim Blair. If you're not a praying person, please send him your positive thoughts. Tim will be undergoing cancer surgery next week. Feeling poorly for some time. Saw … Continue reading

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“We Must Rise To This Challenge”

Untitled document "For reasons beyond our earthly comprehension, this opportunity, this mandate, has been placed on our generation. We must rise to this challenge," he said. "Our goal is a new Louisiana where success is shared by all Louisianians." Governor … Continue reading

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Untitled document American Updated Political Dictionary – hyp·o·crite       (h?p'?-kr?t')  n.      1. Bill Clinton    2. A person given to hipocrisy (see 1.) The absolutely astonishing thing that he says stuff like this with a straight face – and the media continues … Continue reading

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Live By Identity Politics….

Untitled document …Die by identity politics? In the political sense, that is. Matt Bai writes in the NYT Caucus blog that the Clintons are very much risking their political deaths by their all-out attacks on Barack Obama. Just this weekend, … Continue reading

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New England Pounded By Heavy Snow

Untitled document After the snowiest December on record, some areas of New England are being buried anew under up to 14 inches of snow. Schools and roads are closed all across the region. Following the snowiest December on record in … Continue reading

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Cuts No Ice

Untitled document I've sent off an email to the reporter of this story in today's Washington Post as well as one to my contact at ICECAP. The report is quite lurid with a shouting headline: Escalating Ice Loss Found in … Continue reading

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Depraved Indifference

Untitled document The captain of a ship protesting Japanese whaling in Antarctic waters is openly threatening to ram any Japanese ship it catches in whaling operations. This is in brutally cold conditions where anyone who goes into the water would … Continue reading

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Forget Mall Rats

Untitled document If you thought herds of teenage mall rats were causing problems, you haven't been keeping up with the latest news. The real danger is not mall rats, but herds of mall deer. They're rampaging through shopping malls, knocking … Continue reading

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EU Suddenly Awakens

Untitled document The European Union has suddenly come to the realization that their biofuel mandates are causing more harm than good. They are having to completely retool their guidelines. Europe's environment chief has admitted that the EU did not foresee … Continue reading

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Chicago Tribune: Don’t Mess With The Economy

Untitled document An editorial in the Chicago Tribune warns candidates – from both parties – that trying to "stimulate" the economy right now is a very bad idea. Not only will meddling likely do no good, it actually may do … Continue reading

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The Knives Come Out

Untitled document The New York Times reports on just how ugly the battle between the Clinton and Obama campaigns is getting. And the situation is getting ugly indeed. In a tense day of exchanges by the candidates and their supporters, … Continue reading

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