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Logical Fallacy

Untitled document The New York Times has an "Editorial Observer" piece out today by Adam Cohen that starts right out with a whopper of a logical fallacy: The Supreme Court heard arguments last week in a hugely important case about … Continue reading

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Show Closes

Untitled document We regret to inform our readers that the hotly anticipated new show of the season has closed after only one partial performance. Yes, the skating extravaganza that was supposed to knock Stars on Ice out of the game … Continue reading

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Romney Wins Michigan

Untitled document CNN and Fox are both calling it for Romney. But the really big news is that people choosing 'uncommitted' rather than voting for Hillary Clinton could cause problems for her at the convention. On the Democratic side, Sen. … Continue reading

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Today’s Male Cringe Moment

Untitled document A man attempting to commit an armed robbery had what can only be described as a really, really bad day. He walked into the store, demanding money and a pack of cigarettes. That's when things started going south. … Continue reading

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Chimps Not People: Austrian Court

Untitled document An Austrian appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling (posted about here) and declared that chimpanzees are not people. VIENNA, Austria – A chimpanzee cannot be declared a person, Austria's Supreme Court has ruled, activists said Tuesday. … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Brie

Untitled document Declareth Queen Nancy. Or if brie is not suitable to their palates, they can have pan-roasted Chesapeake rockfish with sweet potato fennel hash and yellow pepper relish. Or pears with Stilton cheese and watercress. Or perhaps a nice cumin-scented … Continue reading

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It’s Called Piracy

Untitled document One day after threatening to ram Japanese ships in Antarctic waters, two members of a radical environmentalist group have illegally boarded a ship and their group is now complaining that the boarders are being detained. Two members of the … Continue reading

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Step Away From The Lawn Mower

Untitled document A New Zealand man faces charges for drunk lawn mower driving. His ride has been impounded and if convicted, he may go to prison. Richard Gunn, 52, was driving the lawn mower down a street in the northern … Continue reading

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Every Revolution Eats Its Young

Untitled document David Brooks takes a jaundiced look at the competing identity politics being used by the Clinton and Obama campaigns. He sees the race and gender cards being played by the two camps as cynical attempts to see who … Continue reading

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