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We Demand Answers!

Untitled document The latest flyby of the planet Mercury has sent back a stream of images for NASA scientists. Today, they released the very first image from the MESSENGER probe. Scientists are sifting through their first new views of the … Continue reading

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Batter Up

Untitled document A terrified burglar ran like heck when confronted by the man who's house he was attempting to rob. One can imagine why he ran like the wind, too. It isn't often one is being chased down the road by … Continue reading

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Double Whammy

Untitled document Inflation has shot up in the past year to 4.1% – a very significant jump over the 2006 rate of 2.5%. What's driving it? Food and fuel. Consumer prices rose by 4.1 percent for all of 2007, up … Continue reading

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Spreadsheet Malware Program

Untitled document Microsoft is warning of a new – and serious – security flaw in their Excel spreadsheet program. It is a potentially huge problem since business users are so used to opening spreadsheets. It can be easily fixed by … Continue reading

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The Colossus Of Rodents

Untitled document Forget that old lighthouse/statue thingee that stood in Rhodes for a while before it fell down. This is really big. A one ton rat once munched pretty much whatever it wanted to in South America. The newly-identified species … Continue reading

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Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

Untitled document Ah, the classics. Ok, it isn't a classic, just a treacly pop song by Lesley Gore. But Robert Samuelson is calling the "economic stimulus" talk by politicians nothing more than lollipop politics. Because the ugly fact is that … Continue reading

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Basic Failure

Untitled document Federal Highway Administration is rushing to get states to look at a basic component of bridges that is routinely overlooked in calculating bridge loads. This in the wake of the announcement that the Minneapolis bridge collapse was a … Continue reading

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Ugly Situtation For Clinton

Untitled document I mentioned last night that the Michigan win for Hillary Clinton – running unopposed – was potentially bad news. CNN is reporting that the win might be more than bad news – it could be disastrous. Even so, … Continue reading

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