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The Magic Of The Theater

Untitled document I thought that Yale Dean of Student Affairs Betty Trachtenberg was, well, nuts, when she demanded that student theatrical groups remove all prop weapons from their productions. In fact, I had fun with that whole incident. Little did … Continue reading

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Thought Control, American Style

Untitled document A lecture on how not to run the New York Times comes today from Daniel Finkelstein, the op-ed editor for the Times of London. Not that the NYT will take any notice, but it a lesson on how … Continue reading

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The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Untitled document More bad news for Hillary Clinton today. Not only did Clinton supporters lose in their bid to disenfranchise casino workers, but fellow Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy has just endorsed Obama. "We need a president who can reintroduce America to … Continue reading

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Clinton Surrogates Lose In Nevada

Untitled document The teacher's union that sued to have the Nevada Democratic "at large" caucuses stopped has lost in court. They are claiming they were not acting for Clinton, a protest that I rather doubt that even they believe. Obama … Continue reading

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Defeatist’s Defeat

Untitled document The Politico reports that the antiwar people, who have spent vast sums of other people's money and accomplished nothing in the past year, are retooling their efforts. They finally figured out that they could not get the votes … Continue reading

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Selective Vetting

Untitled document Robert Novak, who has been doing this sort of thing for a very long time, thinks that the Clinton campaign's use of the word 'vetted' repeatedly has a special, coded meaning regarding Barack Obama. So do his sources … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished?

Untitled document Margaret Carlson, writing over at Bloomberg, thinks that the Hillary Clinton campaign has accomplished their goal of playing the race card on Barack Obama. Despite all the mistakes the lurching Clinton machine has made, Carlson thinks that a … Continue reading

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More Zombie Fun

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have cataloged the antics of zombies worldwide for some time. Be it dead parking in Chicago, night of the living dead drag racing in Australia, undead defendants in Malaysia or zombies commuting … Continue reading

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