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Brutal Cold Envelopes Midwest

Untitled document Accuweather is calling for even more brutally cold temperatures through the Midwest in the next few days. The northernmost areas will have sub-zero temperatures through the day while the midsection will see "balmy" single digits. And it is … Continue reading

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Still More Sensitive Personal Data Lost In Britain

Untitled document Only a short time ago, the British government lost the highly personal data of some 25 million citizens by sending some computer disks through the mail. The disks never arrived at their intended destination. Today, news comes that … Continue reading

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Biofuel Costs Outweigh Benefits: EU Study

Untitled document A study performed by the European Union's own in-house research body, the Joint Research Center, concludes that the costs associated with biofuels outweigh their benefits. No doubt this is a major shock to the EU and their true … Continue reading

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Brutal Cold Kills 200 In Afghanistan

Untitled document In what the BBC calls the most severe cold seen in decades, some 200 people have died so far as a wave of bitter cold has enveloped Afghanistan. The entire region is under this massive wave of frigid … Continue reading

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Gee, Do These Pants Make Me Look…..

Untitled document Female police officers in Britain are engaged in howling outrage at the moment over pants. Specifically, they say their pants make their bums look too big. As officers of the law, they need to present a respectable and … Continue reading

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Untitled document Charles Krauthammer looks at the recent identity politics flap caused by remarks made by Hillary Clinton and explains that it wasn't racism. That fact has been noted by a lot of people, of course. He says the real … Continue reading

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Full Metal Straitjacket

Untitled document Ralph Peters savages the New York Times' "investigative report" that attempted to smear all returning troops as psychos just waiting for a chance to kill. (I posted about that slime job here.) Peters says that the Times is trying to … Continue reading

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Bobby Fischer Is Dead

Untitled document Former chess champion and long time, serial America basher Bobby Fischer has died. He was 64. In 1992, he agreed to a rematch with Spassky, scheduled to be held in Yugoslavia and carrying a prize in excess of … Continue reading

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The Three Faces Of …… Bill?

Untitled document The Washington Post notes that Bill Clinton stumping for Hillary is as much about Bill Clinton as it is about Hillary Clinton. More, in fact. The former president spends a lot of time on the campaign trail talking … Continue reading

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