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McCain Takes SC Primary

Untitled document John McCain has won in South Carolina. Sen. John McCain won a hard-fought South Carolina primary Saturday night, avenging a bitter personal defeat in a bastion of conservatism and gaining ground in an unpredictable race for the Republican … Continue reading

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Caught At Last?

Untitled document But is it worth it? An Australian man, dubbed down under as that nation's "runaway groom" has finally tied the knot. He has married his fiancé on the sixth attempt. Michael Todd, 38, married his (fiancé?) Dane Hedvig … Continue reading

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Red Faced And Steaming

Untitled document Another reference to the fact that the red-faced, fuming, angry Bill Clinton is getting old comes from Newsweek. It appears that senior Democrats are warning Bill Clinton to tone down his red-faced rants at the press and his … Continue reading

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Untitled document According to The Nation, there may be a slight surprise coming out of Nevada. No, make that a surprise about the size of Greenland. Obama may have won more total delegates than Clinton due the arcane weighting rules … Continue reading

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Open Season

Untitled document It's for the public. It's for the Children. It's for the common good. Er, well, no. It's for the money. PHOENIX – Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano says the deployment of new photo radar or other speed enforcement technology … Continue reading

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An Ugly Win

Untitled document John Dickerson at Slate is calling the Clinton victory in Nevada very ugly, indeed. At the end of the campaigning, both Clinton and Obama traded nasty accusations about voter suppression and Bill Clinton pitched yet another fit. (The … Continue reading

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AP Projects Clinton Win

Untitled document The Associated Press is reporting that Hillary Clinton has won in Nevada. The early margin shows about a 5% win over Obama. Edwards appears to have gotten very, very little support. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Nevada caucuses Saturday, … Continue reading

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Romney Takes Nevada

Untitled document Mitt Romney has won the Republican caucuses in Nevada. Mitt Romney won Republican presidential caucuses in Nevada on Saturday while John McCain and Mike Huckabee dueled in a hard-fought South Carolina primary, a campaign doubleheader likely to winnow … Continue reading

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A Mystery And A Dream

Untitled document A dark unfathomed tide Of interminable pride – A mystery, and a dream, Should my early life seem; I say that dream was fraught With a wild and waking thought Of beings that have been, Which my spirit … Continue reading

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Untitled document Could the byzantine convention rules of the Democratic party actually sink the Democrats? Joshua Spivak, writing in the Los Angeles Times, thinks that is a very real possibility. He worries that the so-called super delegates could sink the … Continue reading

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Personal Data Missing Close To Home As Well

Untitled document It isn't just the British government that can't seem to hang on to highly personal data. It is happening right here in the US. In Nashville, Tennessee for example: The theft of a laptop containing Social Security numbers … Continue reading

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Fact Or Figment?

Untitled document I have no idea what to make of this front page article from the Washington Post. It is rather long, fairly bizarre and ultimately asks more questions than it answers. I'll simply direct people over to read about what … Continue reading

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Buh-Bye Analog

Untitled document Starting on February 18th of this year, the original, analog cellular telephone networks will begin going offline. Communications companies have been trying to let people know that their older cell phones will no longer work. Unfortunately, a number … Continue reading

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Potential Threat

Untitled document The CIA has taken a very unusual step and issued a warning to American utility and energy companies about the danger of cyber attacks. The warning revealed that there have been successful cyber attacks on a number of … Continue reading

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Palmetto Popsicle State Polling

Untitled document Weather is expected to be a negative factor in today's South Carolina Republican Primary. Specifically, there is a 100% chance of precipitation in that state. Which wouldn't be all that big a deal except that the precipitation will … Continue reading

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