Well, Now We Know Where They Went

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People have spent decades searching for Bigfoot and never seem to be able to get any indisputable proof that they exist. Now, thanks to the magic of the internet, we know why: They moved to Mars:

Does this photograph really prove that we are not alone in the universe?

Images beamed back from Mars would suggest so – although to sceptics, it could just be a strange rock formation.

Nasa's Mars Explorer Spirit sent back images from the surface of the Red Planet four years ago, and there was initial disappointment among scientists that they lacked any signs of life.

But space and science fiction enthusiasts are convinced there is more than meets the eye, and after years of studying the images, have found what appears to be an alien figure walking downhill.

The discovery of the life-like figure ambling across the surface of the planet is likely to further boost intrigue in our nearest neighbouring planet.

An earlier rock formation, dubbed 'the face of Mars' showed what appeared to be a human head staring into the night sky.

The pictures, found on a Chinese website, are now creating a stir of excitement on the internet.

Of course, one can simply download the original, massive image file directly from NASA. Then one can figure out, pretty quickly, that the bigfootish-looking object in the internet photo is not on the original. In other words, the image is a fake. But they are obviously circulating this image to hide the real truth.

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3 Responses to Well, Now We Know Where They Went

  1. feeblemind says:

    This post cries out for a response from martian. He would know.

  2. martian says:

    Funny, I haven’t seen any of these guys when I visit home………….

    And there you have it, feeblemind.

  3. Mockinbird says:

    Wait a sec, there…

    That rock in front of the guy looks fake to me.

    In fact, it looks like it’s outside Flagstaff!

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