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Identity Politics, Front And Center

Untitled document Bill Clinton admitted today that there are identity politics cards on the table. He said that he expected blacks to vote for Obama in South Carolina while Hillary Clinton would catch the votes of women. Then he blew … Continue reading

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Getting It Wrong, Part Two

Untitled document Only a few days ago, I pointed out that the media has a tendency to get things wrong about technical issues like nuclear power. That first article was written by AP writer Angela Charlton. Today's article by Mitch … Continue reading

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Driving With The Top Down Frowned On

Untitled document Driving with the top down – and the bottoms off – when the vehicle operator isn't in a convertible, is illegal most places. It certainly is in Southern Illinois: Police arrested Justin Flora, 34, of Marion, Ill., on Monday … Continue reading

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Wall Street Rebounds

Untitled document They're calling it "stunning" in the media. Stocks appeared to be tanking earlier in the day, but a sudden rally later in the day pushed them higher. About 300 points higher than the opening, in fact. NEW YORK … Continue reading

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Cold, Wet Weather Damages Chinese Apple Crop

Untitled document Shoppers in Britain (and likely globally) are about to get hit with an increase in the price of apple juice. Why? Well, it seems a late frost and a cold, wet growing season have left the supply of Chinese … Continue reading

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“He Treated Me Like A Dog”

Untitled document The line from National Lampoon's Vacation comes to life today in the pages of Britain's Telegraph. First, there is a report of a lawsuit where a former butler alleges that his former employer treated the Butler "like an … Continue reading

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The Gentle Sound of Falling Leftists In Italy

Untitled document It appears increasingly likely that the leftist Prime Minister of Italy, Romano Prodi, will either resign or lose a vote of confidence, leading to either a transition government or early elections. ROME (AFP) – Italy's embattled Prime Minister Romano Prodi may … Continue reading

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“Sorry For Being Topless”

Untitled document Warning: The link is NOT safe for work. The article comes from the Daily Mail and is written by Simon Mills, describing how Carla Bruni greeted him when he showed up at her apartment to conduct an interview. The presumed … Continue reading

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Frozen Beauty

Untitled document Britain's Daily Mail discovers that old Jack Frost can bring beauty even as the temperatures drop. Tweet

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Ivory-Billed Bust

Untitled document Despite three years of effort by researchers and volunteers, no evidence has been discovered that ivory-billed woodpeckers are not still extinct. This, however, has not deterred the US Fish and Wildlife Service from proposing the waste of $27 … Continue reading

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Too Cold To Walk

Untitled document A group of four teenagers from Winnipeg, Canada had been ordered to attend a program meant to keep them from stealing cars. The program calls the offenders in to report at odd intervals to ensure they are not committing … Continue reading

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Gee, Thanks For Rescuing Me….

Untitled document An Australian man managed to rescue a coworker from the jaws of an attacking crocodile in a rather unusual fashion. He shot the coworker. CANBERRA, Australia – A man rescued his colleague from the jaws of a crocodile in … Continue reading

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Clinton Abandons South Carolina

Untitled document Hillary Clinton has pretty much given up in South Carolina and has taken her campaign to other states that will vote in the super-whamadyne Tuesday primaries. The Washington Post covers her efforts in an article published today. SALINAS, … Continue reading

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