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Apparently Zombies Have Evolved

Untitled document It used to be that you could count on zombies wanting one thing: brains. Not anymore! Plastic surgery patients want Angelina's lips LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Eyes like Katie Holmes, the sultry pout of Angelina Jolie and a … Continue reading

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Prodi Falls In Italy

Untitled document Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi lost a vote of confidence in Italy's upper house and has resigned. After only a 20 month run in charge of the country, meetings begin tomorrow on whether to name a caretaker government … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton Tarnishing Up The Global Image

Untitled document A remarkable slap at Bill Clinton's vicious partisanship has just been delivered from Davos. John Gapper, writing in the Financial Times is blasting Clinton's efforts to tarnish the Clinton brand globally. The Bill Clinton we have come to … Continue reading

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Falling Out

Untitled document Well, this is interesting. Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton has just let go – both barrels – on Bill Clinton. I write this more out of sadness than anger. Bill Clinton’s ill-tempered and ill-founded … Continue reading

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A Clash Of Green

Untitled document Beggars belief, it does. California prosecutors are pursuing charges against a couple on behalf of their aggrieved neighbor. The neighbor alleges that his solar panels are being shaded by the couple's sequoia trees. No, I really am not … Continue reading

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The Downside Of Serfdom

Untitled document I posted about the human hamster wheels being touted as a carbon offset scheme by Western companies back in September of last year. The company involved in that scheme was shipping "treadle pumps" to India and touting it … Continue reading

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“Seems It Never Rains In Southern California…”

Untitled document Seems it never rains in southern California Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before It never rains in California, but girl don't they warn ya It pours, man it pours. (A. Hammond, M. Hazelwood, It never … Continue reading

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Ghosts In The Machine

Untitled document The Daily Mail has another of their periodic "mysterious photos" that purportedly shows a ghostly face. Of course, the photo was taken with a cell phone camera and the "face" is likely an illusion or some sort of … Continue reading

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All Your Food Are Belong Us

Untitled document (T)Hugo Chavez is now stealing food from major distributors in his latest bit of progressive socialism. Price controls didn't work, so it is on to outright theft. At gunpoint, apparently. Venezuela's top food company has accused troops of illegally … Continue reading

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Death In Ekaterinburg

Untitled document The Daily Mail reports that DNA testing on the remains of two bodies found last year confirm that all of the members of the Russian royal family were murdered in Ekaterinburg, Russia in 1918. None of them escaped … Continue reading

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Market Manipulation

Untitled document A French bank has uncovered the activities of a rogue trader that caused that bank, Société Générale, to lose more than £3.7 billion ($7.15 billion) and may well have triggered some of the recent global market gyrations. If … Continue reading

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When Did Iron Men In Wooden Ships….

Untitled document ….Morph into hapless men in broken down ships? Well, one could ask the British Ministry of Defense. The pride and joy of what is left of the Royal Navy, HMS Illustrious set sail from Portsmouth to lead a … Continue reading

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Dems Worried About Clinton Attacks

Untitled document The Washington Post reports that many Democrats at the top of the party hierarchy are getting worried about the viciousness of the Clinton Attacks on Obama. They are trying to get Bill Clinton especially to tone things down … Continue reading

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