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“…He Drank A Bottle Of Beer Like Any Man.”

Untitled document Voytek fought right alongside the Polish troops who adopted him. He carried ammunition for the heavy mortars into battle. He smoked, he drank beer, he was a soldier. He was a bear. A campaign has been launched to … Continue reading

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1 Dead, 1 Missing In California Avalanches

Untitled document Two avalanches have claimed at least one victim with another missing in California. LOS ANGELES – Mountain avalanches killed an off-duty ski patrol worker and left another person missing Friday as California strained under nearly a week of … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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Welcome To Hillaryland

Untitled document Ok, I have to admit that watching the Democrats wake up to the utter ruthlessness of the Clintons has a rather huge element of Schadenfreude to it. But still, this one is a cake-taker even for the Clintons. … Continue reading

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Deerly Departed

Untitled document The day started badly for my wife today. Only about two miles from home, she had just gotten her car up to highway speed when Bambi's mother decided to cross the road. This turned out to be a fatally … Continue reading

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Mini-Me, Maxi-Theft

Untitled document We swear we are not making this up. We have a link and everything. Swedish police are warning that dwarfs are rampaging through the luggage compartments of long-distance passenger buses then zipping themselves back into a suitcase with … Continue reading

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Acts Of War

Untitled document For all intents and purposes, Hamas has launched an invasion of Egypt and is now openly trying to keep the borders open. Estimates are that almost half of the population of Gaza is now over the border into … Continue reading

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Quick! Circle The ….. Sheep?

Untitled document Crop circles are so last millennium. The modern, up-to-date craze is sheep circles! There were strange goings on at the farm today when a flock of sheep made their own version of a crop circle. About 100 of … Continue reading

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A Shiny, New Paint Job

Untitled document Charles Krauthammer unloads today on the amazing duplicity of John Edwards, a politician who has, quite literally, changed virtually every position he ever held in an effort to gain the presidency – or at least become a kingmaker. … Continue reading

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Uniters At Last

Untitled document Peggy Noonan's column today in the Wall Street journal is worth taking the time to read. It eviscerates the Clintons, who Noonan points out have finally achieved the distinction of becoming uniters: pretty much everyone is learning to loath … Continue reading

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It’s Alright, Jack

Untitled document The way I first heard that expression as, "It's alright, Jack, I got mine." I've seen it on the internet more frequently as, "I've got mine, Jack." Either way it perfectly expresses a narcissistic greed and self-centered contempt … Continue reading

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