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Shakespeare Code Broken

Untitled document Despite the efforts of the monkey staff in the back room here at the Crabitat, we have been unable to crack the Shakespeare Code. Oh, they produce some interesting stuff, but most of it resembles either television commercials … Continue reading

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Open War?

Untitled document This is interesting. Apparently, IBM has declared war on Microsoft and is producing software that will run on Linux – and is about to release another version of that software to run on Ubuntu Linux. IBM's Symphony office suite software … Continue reading

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More Bad News For Clinton

Untitled document This is not good news for Clinton at all, I suspect. Hotline On Call reports: SC primary voters overwhelmingly ranked the economy as the top issue, and close to 90% of all primary voters view the economy as … Continue reading

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Obama Wins, Clinton Loses

Untitled document Bill Clinton, that is. CNN is reporting that Bill Clinton's negative campaigning and harsh – completely Clintonian – attacks on Obama backfired rather badly. (CNN) — Bill Clinton's aggressive campaigning in South Carolina in the days leading up … Continue reading

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Well, At Last We Know

Untitled document The secret is finally out there for all the world to see. The great mystery of what a Scotsman wears under his kilt has been revealed. Who knew it was a hot air balloon? There's no secret about … Continue reading

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24/7 Looney Tunes

Untitled document Mark Steyn: As Martin Niemoller famously said, first they came for Piglet, and I did not speak out because I was not a Disney character and, if I was, I'm more of an Eeyore. So then they came … Continue reading

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Untitled document A patient in a hospital in Finland found the food was not to his liking. Nobody likes furry Brussels sprouts. HELSINKI (Reuters) – A hospital patient in Finland found a mouse head among the steamed vegetables on his … Continue reading

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A Sense Of Betrayal

Untitled document Jonathan Chait admits to being sick of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The sense of betrayal in his column is quite obvious. I crossed the Clinton Rubicon a couple of weeks ago when, in the course of introducing Hillary, … Continue reading

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Inadvertent Slip

Untitled document AFP has a dramatic, sob-story article about how Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law is beginning to cause what they dub 'Hispanic Panic.' It seems employers are firing illegals, many of whom are fleeing the state, either back to Mexico or … Continue reading

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