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On The Border

Untitled document Hamas continues its assault on Egypt and has now deployed border agents on both sides of the Gaza-Egypt border. RAFAH, Egypt – A smattering of Hamas-affiliated security forces, many of them bearded and dressed in blue camouflage uniforms, … Continue reading

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“We’ll Eat You Up, We Love You So”

Untitled document Somehow, Maurice Sendak's famous line from Where the Wild Things Are seems completely appropriate to this gem from Hillary Clinton (via Michelle Malkin). Love drove Bill over campaign line: Clinton Hillary Clinton admitted Sunday her husband Bill’s hard-charging … Continue reading

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You’re Stupid If You Get Old

Untitled document In Britain, that appears to be the tack the government is taking. Drivers intending to stay behind the wheel well into old age may have to pass exams proving they are mentally up to it. Ministers want to … Continue reading

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Thought So

Untitled document I kind of suspected that Ted Kennedy would not be far behind Caroline Kennedy in endorsing Barack Obama. That appears to be the case this afternoon. ABC News' Rick Klein Reports: Senator Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., will endorse Barack … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Over In China

Untitled document Chinese officials are scrambling to try to straighten out transportation chaos and major disruptions in energy and food supplies ahead of a major national holiday. Why, you ask? Because of the brutal winter weather that is gripping the … Continue reading

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January 27, 1967

Untitled document Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee. Rest in peace. Pad 34 Tweet

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Clinton’s Legacy: Gutter Politics

Untitled document So says Vaughn Ververs of CBS News in an analysis of the Obama landslide in South Carolina. Dubbed 'The first black president' because of his connection to the black voters, Bill Clinton squandered most – if not all … Continue reading

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Slipping Point

Untitled document The phrase 'tipping point' has been flogged nearly to death in the media, both old and new lately. Every event these days, it seems, is called a tipping point by someone for whatever reason. The popularity is tied to … Continue reading

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