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“If These Items Are Truly Worth Funding,…”

Untitled document "…the Congress should debate them in the open and hold a public vote." GW Bush, State of the Union Address, January 28,2008 Those of us opposed to earmarks, or as it used to be known, pork barrel spending, … Continue reading

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UN Springs Into Action On Darfur

Untitled document To mark the fifth anniversary of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur, the United Nations has announced that it will not be deploying any meaningful numbers of "peacekeepers" until the end of this year. The UN-African Union peacekeeping … Continue reading

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How Much Is Free Health Care Worth?

Untitled document The true believers in socialized medicine in this country like to hold the British National Health Service up as a role model. Health care, they say, should be "universal" and "free." But what if the universal part applies … Continue reading

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Fly The Friendly Unencumbered Skies

Untitled document A German travel agency is proudly offering charter flights for a select group of people. The passengers will, as the company puts it, fly "The way God intends it." That would be soaring in the buff. BERLIN (AFP) … Continue reading

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Kenya Deteriorating Rapidly

Untitled document Murderous violence continues to escalate in Kenya. Tribe on tribe and gang on gang, day by day the death toll is rising. NAIVASHA, Kenya — Hundreds of Kikuyus wielding stones, sticks, machetes, and wooden planks studded with nails … Continue reading

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Hold The Lungs

Untitled document Unless you happen to be of Scots descent, you may have missed the vast sound of wailing and lamentation on Friday. That was the annual wailing of the haggis, or what some people call "Burns Night." Now the annual … Continue reading

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Red Market

Untitled document Indian Police are working to arrest as many suspects in an illegal kidney transplant ring as they can. Unfortunately, the ringleader, Dr. Amit Kumar, appears to have escaped, possibly by bribing police officials. The police have arrested the doctor … Continue reading

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China In Chaos Due To Snow And Ice

Untitled document The Chinese government is issuing "red alerts" (ironic, isn't it?) to large areas of the country over expected heavy snowfalls.  (Questionable link broken). BEIJING, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) — The China Meteorological Administration (CMA) early Monday issued a red alert … Continue reading

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Fan Mail From Some Flounder

Untitled document Life imitates Bullwinkle and Rocky. A letter written 15 years ago by a Japanese schoolgirl has just turned up. Or been pulled up, as the case may be. The letter was found attached to a fish caught by … Continue reading

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Bush To Hit Earmarks With Executive Order

Untitled document The wording of this story does not make it completely clear, but it appears that President Bush will issue an executive order directing Federal agencies to ignore earmarks that are air dropped into a conference bill and not … Continue reading

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From Asset To Liability

Untitled document Even the Guardian isn't impressed with Bill Clinton at the moment. Their American editor, Michael Tomasky, thinks the Clintons have some explaining to do in the next few days. Think about it. A former president, who knows the … Continue reading

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Money For Nothing

Untitled document It really isn't surprising that the House of Representatives manages to throw away taxpayer's money buying nothing at all. What is unusual is that even the Washington Post isn't buying the explanation of what was "purchased" with the … Continue reading

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