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Vegetarian Nightmare

Untitled document The New York Times discovers that a "lost" tradition in New York City is alive and well – and living in New Jersey. The "beefsteak" is doing a booming business in northern New Jersey, despite untimely reports of … Continue reading

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The Silence Of The Bubba

Untitled document This is interesting and may indicate a real problem. The Swamp reports that Bill Clinton is suddenly, completely and uncharacteristically silent about one subject on the campaign trail. He is not mentioning Barack Obama. As in, at all. … Continue reading

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Life Imitates April Fools Hoax

Untitled document Last April, I got snagged by what turned out to be an April Fools Day hoax. I linked it on April 5th, the byline stated April 3rd, but it had been originally published – as a joke – … Continue reading

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Jerusalem On Ice

Untitled document As much as eight inches of snow has blanketed Jerusalem – yes you read that right – and snow has fallen over a wide area in the Middle East. But wait! There's more! Temperatures are expected to drop … Continue reading

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Irreconcilable Differences

Untitled document The Wall Street Journal reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger's California "Universal Health Care" initiative has died. They are not grieving over the corpse. So much for that. The California legislature is probably the most liberal this side of Vermont, … Continue reading

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Oprah Bronzed

Untitled document Fans of Oprah Winfrey will be somewhat less than pleased with the latest artistic endeavor of sculptor Daniel Edwards. He bronzed Oprah. She has famously battled with her weight – but according to this tribute to the queen … Continue reading

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Taking A Plug Out Of Crime

Untitled document Swedish police have announced the details of an attempted bank heist that occurred last August. An alert bank employee noticed that his computer had begun a large transaction – apparently all by itself. On further investigation, the employee … Continue reading

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Edwards Drops Out

Untitled document John Edwards is quitting the race for the Democratic nomination. The AP reports that he will not be endorsing either of the two remaining candidates – at least not right away.   DENVER – Democrat John Edwards is … Continue reading

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Here’s Another Hot Tune

Untitled document A volunteer at a community radio station in Austin, Texas became angry when the playlist he had submitted was changed. So he took direct action: He set fire to the radio station. AUSTIN, Texas – A volunteer at a … Continue reading

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The Waxwork Candidate

Untitled document Michael Goodwin points out that things just are not going the way Hillary Clinton had planned. He says that the unraveling of the Clinton plan is at least partly do to with her style. According to the plan, … Continue reading

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