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You’re Kidding, Right?

This is absolutely insane. Michelle Obama has just proven herself to be utterly clueless or utterly phony – take your pick on this one. She has been extremely well-compensated for the jobs she has held, has lived the American dream … Continue reading

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Frankly, Starling, I Don’t Give A …

Some pretty neat pictures from the Daily Mail of a sparrowhawk attacking a starling. Nature in action, so to speak. The story, however, is marred by the bizzaro comments from the nature "lovers" who express horror that the photographer  did … Continue reading

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Think You’re Having A Bad Day?

Not as bad as these folks. Trust me. Having a 50-ton crane drop through a brand new house can ruin your whole day. Tweet

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Ricin Story Mutating

Something is badly off in the way this story about the deadly toxin ricin found in a Las Vegas hotel is changing. Reports keep insisting that this is not terrorism related. Except now there is a man who is hospitalized … Continue reading

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Getting It Wrong On NAFTA

USA Today, hardly a rightwing news outlet, points out that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have it completely wrong when they attack NAFTA. That treaty is not causing the net loss of jobs, it has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Hopelessly Muddled

Steve Huntley, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times , points out that hoping for the best is not a viable foreign policy. Yet that is exactly what Barack Obama has been running on.  The political salvos over Iraq between Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Today’s I Told You So

The electrical grid operator in Texas  had to invoke stage two emergency load shedding when the wind suddenly stopped. When the 1,700 MW of wind generation suddenly dropped to 300, they had a big problem and had nothing more to … Continue reading

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The Unexpected

I've read about Bob Geldof for many years – longer than I have read news about George W. Bush. I had a portrait of Geldof in my mind that had been painted through the years by press reports on him. … Continue reading

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Averting A Humanitarian Disaster

I have to tell you, I read this piece from the Washington Post with disbelief. You see, it is an op-ed from Angelina Jolie  that appears to be arguing for a continued American presence in Iraq. In Baghdad, I spoke … Continue reading

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Large Explosion At Illinois Mall

There has been a large explosion at a shopping mall in the Chicago suburb of Waukegan. At least six people have been taken to the hospital. Windows were blown out an parts of the roof have fallen in. The cause … Continue reading

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All The News That’s Fit To Be Made Up?

Has CBS aired a story that is completely fabricated? Quite possibly. The chairman of the Alabama Republican Party sent a letter to "60 Minutes" producers asking for a retraction unless they could provide evidence backing up a segment on former … Continue reading

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Fights Crime – And Leaves A Clean, Fresh Scent!

Want to freshen up the air and drive away unpleasant people at the same time? Use a can of Oust on the criminal elements! That's precisely what Margaret Taylor, a British postmistress did. Air freshener is good at getting rid … Continue reading

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Two Bees Or Not Two Bees

Definitely a lot more than two. A man is in the hospital in serious condition after being swarmed by very angry bees. While a television news crew was filming a story about the earlier attacks (a woman had also been … Continue reading

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Florida Blackouts Update

A spokesman for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, known in the industry as NERC, says that the Outages in Florida would have been a lot worse had major changes to the grid not been made in the wake of … Continue reading

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The Insult Trap

The Politico points out something today that people need to read. Barack Obama is actually getting boosts in his popularity with every insult he shrugs off and accepts apologies for. AUSTIN —They are so sorry. In the course of the … Continue reading

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