Blue Roses And Whiskey

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Songwriters have used the words 'blue roses' to describes sad, lost love or something impossible. All those lyrics are now obsolete. The Suntory company of Japan, a major whiskey distiller, is branching out. They will begin selling blue roses sometime next year in Japan . The US and Australia are also targeted for the genetically modified flowers at a future date yet to be determined. 

TOKYO (AFP) – Think that red roses are predictable? In Japan, gift-givers soon will also have the option of blue roses.

The Japanese company that created the world's first genetically modified blue roses said Monday it will start selling them next year.

Suntory Ltd., also a major whisky distiller, hopes to sell several hundred thousand blue roses a year, company spokesman Kazumasa Nishizaki said.

"As its price may be a bit high, we are targeting demand for luxurious cut flowers, such as for gifts," he said. The exact price and commercial name for the blue rose have not been decided.

The company is also growing the rose experimentally in Australia and the United States to get approval for sales, but no timing has been set for commercial launches in the two countries.

Here's some information on how the roses were created. What we here at Blue Crab Boulevard can't figure out is why a distiller was even interested in this. 

We'd have thought they'd be more interested in pink elephants.

UPDATE: One of the fun things about blogging is finding the huge amount of knowledge that is out there in the world. Via email, I have been informed – by someone who (as a corporate guest) went on a tour of Suntory's original distillary. The place is a garden spot, apparently. It seems that the founder of the company was a huge fan of flowers and that Suntory has been involved in breeding and modifying flowers for some time. I am also informed that their whiskey is very, very good. Thanks for the info, Terry!

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