Back Off Or I’ll Change Your Channel

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An Australian man has been sentenced to a year's probation for threatening to blow up Brisbane. With a television remote control.

CANBERRA (Reuters) – A drunken man's threat to blow up half a city with his television remote control forced Australian police to declare a state of emergency at a luxury golf resort, a local court heard on Thursday.

Geoffrey Martin Fryatt, 57, a resident of the Fairways Golf and Lifestyle Retreat in Brisbane, was arrested by elite paramilitary police after terrifying neighbours with a knife and threatening to detonate a store of chemicals with the TV remote.

"One push of the button will blow up half of Brisbane," Fryatt shouted in the standoff last May before police in the Queensland state capital opened fire with rubber bullets.

Fryatt's lawyer told the Brisbane District Court that his client lost control after losing much of his life savings in a fraud carried out by his finance broker, local media said.

The judge was less than amused at Mr. Fryatt's threat. He also was unmoved by the defendant's complaint that probation might interfere with plans to do aid work in a third world country.

"Let's get you right before we send you off to a third world country," the judge said.

Apparently Fryatt's brightness control didn't work any better than his "detonate" button did. (Frankly, I'm surprised at the light sentence.)

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