Blind Drive

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You've all seen the road signs that read"Blind Drive." Now, I've often thought that those signs were particularly true in some areas where I have lived, because it sure seems that way when you see some of the antics pulled out on the highways. But in Italy, the blind literally do drive. Or at least one man who claimed to be blind for 40 years in order to claim pension benefits.

ROME (AFP) – A 70 year-old Italian man who had been pretending to be blind for 40 years to get an invalid's pension was arrested as he drove his car, Sky TG24 television said Thursday.

The "particularly nervous" man was stopped during a routine road check in the northern city of Spezia and could not provide a driving licence, city police chief Massimo Giaramita said.

"Then we checked his medical record and were amazed to find that he was registered as 100 percent blind," Giaramita said.

What a dunce. All he had to do was bring a dog with him and say the pooch was his seeing eye driving dog. 

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4 Responses to Blind Drive

  1. Larry says:

    California installed "Botts Dots" in the lane markings years ago.  (Along with instructions in Braille on all the drive-up ATM machines.)

  2. NortonPete says:

    Gaius, have you been influenced by the Far Side comic that showed a blind man, pulled over by
    a cop, while his dog was at the wheel?
    "Honest officer I never let him drive while off the lease".
    My favorite.

  3. Gaius says:

    I don’t remember tat one, but I may have seen it – I was a huge fan of Far Side.

  4. Mockinbird says:

    I wonder if the fraudulent gent will have to pay the pension money back.

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