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From the Telegraph comes this report on amazingly obvious science. That is to say, science that is so obvious that it should be a crime that research money was diverted to fund the studies.

If you give kids more toys they'll play more

Scientists have recently hit upon an extraordinary method for cutting levels of childhood obesity: give kids toys that make them run about.

The US study concluded that supplying infants in childcare centres with balls, skipping ropes and hula hoops can encourage them to exercise more at playtime. Surely this must have crossed someone's mind before?

The researchers from the University of North Carolina went one step further, however, surmising that the best toys for getting children to run around are non-stationary ones. Whilst climbing frames can help 'motor skills', they don't incite children to charge around with gay abandon as much.

Surely the main conclusion from this study is that some childcare centres need to be given a good kick up the backside for not giving their children the opportunity to goof around with a tennis ball.

These days even zoo animals are given toys to play with so that they remain fit and healthy. And since you can't expect a four-year-old to take themselves off on a five mile jog any more than you can a mongoose, surely the provision of toys is a bit of a no-brainer.

The stories in the article are from the website Null Hypothesis, the Journal of Unlikely Science where you can learn about even more insane wastes of money, read spoofs of science and discover the top ten most deadly vegetables. None of which are Brussels  sprouts, however. It's a fun site.

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