More – Weak – UN Sanctions On Iran

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A third round of sanctions on Iran and its nuclear program – mostly very watered down and probably of no real value – appears to be heading for approval by the UN Security Council.

UNITED NATIONS – Britain and France formally introduced a Security Council resolution Thursday calling for a third round of sanctions against Iran over its failure to suspend uranium enrichment.

The United States pushed hardest for the sanctions, but China and Russia, as the remaining permanent members of the 15-nation council — along with Germany have been in general agreement on them.

The six nations circulated a draft earlier calling for bans on travel and equipment that can be used in civilian and nuclear programs, more monitoring of Iran's financial institutions and inspection of air and sea cargo heading to or from Iran.

Iran says it will only deal with the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency, which found last November that Tehran was generally truthful about aspects of its nuclear history. But the new resolution, elaborating on the earlier draft, encourages European Union to continue working with Iran on finding "a negotiated solution … with a view to create necessary conditions for resuming talks" on its nuclear program.

The latest revision also makes some minor changes. "The text that we've circulated today reflects some of the comments we've had back from delegations," said John Sawers, Britain's U.N. ambassador. "This is as part of our twin-track approach of requiring Iran to suspend their most sensitive nuclear activities, and to abide by the requests of the IAEA for full transparency."

In other words, not really much of a burden on Iran – or likely no real impact at all. Meanwhile, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been escalating his rhetoric against Israel – yet again. This time the diminutive (and reportedly hygienically challenged) president of Iran has called Israel "filthy bacteria."

"The world powers established this filthy bacteria, the Zionist regime, which is lashing out at the nations in the region like a wild beast," the Iranian president told supporters at a rally in southern Iran.

"[Israel] won support [from the other nations] which created it as a scarecrow, so as to keep the people of this area under control," Ahmadinejad said.

Referring to the assassination of Hizbullah terror chief Imad Mughniyeh, the Iranian leader said that Israel "uses terror as a threat every day, and afterwards is happy and joyful." 

Yeah, there's a guy you want with nuclear weapons.  

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2 Responses to More – Weak – UN Sanctions On Iran

  1. Yuri says:

    Terrible stuff. And that’s a direct impact of our own National Intelligence Estimate.Which just tells you again how badly the Iraq war affected our ability to defend ourselves. With Iraq the administration cherry-picked intelligence and then when WMDs were nowhere to be found blamed Intelligence. Now they are really playing it safe trying not to be blamed for another war. What a mess.

  2. Mockinbird says:

    The UN is worthless and completely corrupt.  It sshould be disbanded, the building imploded, and the debris hauled away by non-union truck drivers.

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