All The News That’s Fit To Be Made Up?

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Has CBS aired a story that is completely fabricated? Quite possibly.

The chairman of the Alabama Republican Party sent a letter to "60 Minutes" producers asking for a retraction unless they could provide evidence backing up a segment on former Gov. Don Siegelman's prosecution- Birmingham News.

This letter to "60 Minutes" was posted today at Blogs For Victory.
Via LGF Quick Links:

Dear Mr. Pelley,

    Last Sunday, you aired a piece on "60 Minutes" that I consider a broad, frontal and unfair attack on our Republican president, his one-time top advisor, Alabama’s Republican Governor and our party, in general.

    The report included an interview with a small town attorney, Dana Jill Simpson, who outrageously claimed that Karl Rove asked her to take explicit photos of Don Siegelman having improper extra-marital relations with “an aide” in 2001. Her interview with "60 Minutes" was the first time her newest charge appeared, despite her having testified for several hours before a committee of the U.S. Congress, and was the first time she claimed having met with Mr. Rove.

    Most importantly, neither Dana Jill Simpson, nor your story or your network provided one shred of evidence that her charges had any merit or kernel of truth.

    In contrast, the Wednesday, February 27, edition of the Birmingham News printed an interview with Mr. Rove in which he vehemently denies Simpson’s charges and expresses deep frustration in "60 Minutes" failure to obtain evidence of any relationship between them before airing such an explosive story. He further denies knowing Simpson, meeting or speaking with her or even having knowledge of the Siegelman prosecution beyond what he learned from traditional media coverage…

    Given the serious nature of the charges, and the fact that 60 Minutes’ reputation as a reliable news source is once again at stake, I am asking that you publicly produce any evidence that was provided to you which substantiates Simpson’s claims…

There's quite a lot more, including the fact that the Alabama Republican party can find no record whatsoever of this person ever having worked for them. Bob Owens is all over this one as well.  Mac's Mind has the video of Rove denying ever even meeting the accuser.

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4 Responses to All The News That’s Fit To Be Made Up?

  1. martian says:

    Dan Rather’s legacy? Or maybe he was just the sacrificial goat to a much broader editorial policy? It’s beginning to look more like the later.

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  3. feeblemind says:

    Just yesterday, Belmont Club blogged about  abc fabricating a piece of news.  They hired a woman to wear a hajib and another person to be a salesclerk at  a bakery north of Waco TX. When the cameras were rolling they had the "Muslim" woman enter the bakery and order something. The "salesclerk" then made anti-arab/antiMuslim comments to her. Then abc denounced the exchange.

  4. syn says:

    Yet the majority of Americans will never know this happened.

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