The Unexpected

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I've read about Bob Geldof for many years – longer than I have read news about George W. Bush. I had a portrait of Geldof in my mind that had been painted through the years by press reports on him. I did not think badly of him, mind you, I just had a mental picture. Sometimes you find that a mental picture is wrong. I think Bob Geldof found that his mental picture of George W. Bush was wrong when he accompanied Bush across Africa. I know I found out that my mental picture of Geldof was wrong when I read what he wrote about that trip. He is not the one-domensional figure I imagined him to be. Neither is Bush the person Geldof thought he was.

I think it would be best that I not excerpt this one. Read it for yourself and see if maybe some rearrangement of your personal mental picture gallery is in order. It is worth reading.

UPDATE: I found this item over at Memeorandum . But it has been hit by a number of other bloggers today. The Anchoress, Captain's Quarters (and I did not read his post until after I had posted mine – but boy, the titles are similar) and a bunch of others have blogged this:  JustOneMinute, UrbanGrounds, Little Green FootballsSound Politics, Don Surber, Commentary, Brutally Honest, 

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  1. JonSK says:

    Gaius:  I share somewhat your surprise at Bob Geldof’s review of his African trip with President Bush, and could make a similar observation about your previous post commenting on Angelia Jolie’s editorial calling for a long-term political and humanitarian commitment to Iraq.  These are two rare instances (U2’s Bono is another) wherein celebrities we normally associate with the Left have observed that George W. Bush has indeed taken remarkable, even heroic, measures to lend aid and comfort to the neediest in our world. 
    Perhaps this the leading edge of the reassessment of G.W. Bush that some have predicted.  Like Reagan, Truman, Lincoln, Bush has been reviled during his tenure, but once the partisan fires cool and time has passed, folks may better understand what this President has accomplished.  Recent polls show more Americans now believe Iraq is turning out well, and if Democracy does take hold in the Middle East, honest observers — even on the Left — will acknowledge the fundamental goodness of this man.
    Conservatives should welcome and promote these rare and honest reviews.  Too many have ignored Bush’s good works.

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