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How Make A Python Explode

Apparently, all you have to do is feed it an alligator. An unusual clash between a 6-foot (1.8m) alligator and a 13-foot (3.9m) python has left two of the deadliest predators dead in Florida's swamps. The Burmese python tried to … Continue reading

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The Naked Launch

A German author is set to launch his latest book – with a nude reading. A book about naturism in East Germany is to spice up its publicity tour – with a naked book reading. East Germans became famous for … Continue reading

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The Smoke Pixel-Filled Room

The Politico reports that a virtual smoke-filled room is in operation, with Democratic party 'elites' busily deciding how to derail Hillary Clinton and confirm Barack Obama as the party's candidate. Hoping to avoid a summer-long bloodbath for the Democratic presidential … Continue reading

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One Hand On The Whistle, One Hand On The Brake

Legend has it that when the body of Casey Jones was pulled from the wreckage of the train he was killed driving, one hand was clutching the whistle and the other the brake handle. The Democrats are desperately trying to … Continue reading

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The Vicious Left

Ed Morrisey links to this video, originating from the leftwing site MyDD using some of the most awful video from 9/11, bashing heck out of Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama and generally playing attack dog in the Democratic nomination process. … Continue reading

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Arms Race

My wife and I went out for a while today and decided to stop at a sporting goods store. I had wanted to take a look at a handgun but declined to buy it when the store did not carry … Continue reading

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Mookie Beats Feet

The Associated Press refrains from Calling Moqtada al Sadr – Mookie – by their usual descriptive term: "Fiery" in this report. Maybe because winners don't do what Mookie is doing: pulling his fighters off the streets nationwide in Iraq. Al-Sadr's … Continue reading

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You There! Step Away From The Root Beer!

I don't know which part is sillier. A police department raiding a root beer "kegger" and making more than 90 kids take Breathalyzer tests to prove they had been drinking the soft drink or the excuses by the police department … Continue reading

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The Appeaser

Michael Goodwin sees a genuine disaster for Barack Obama in the Reverend Jeremiah Wright fiasco. He also sees the reason why it is such a disaster. Instead of Obama's claims to being a uniter, Goodwin sees Obama's stance on Wright's … Continue reading

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The Big Not-So-Easy

If one nickname for New Orleans is The Big Easy, one could reasonably apply the term The Big Not-So-Easy to the long-overdue cleanup of the filthy bayou of Louisiana politics. Yet the new governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, has managed … Continue reading

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Smoke-Filled Gore

The Telegraph reports that aides to Al Gore are busily floating a trial balloon of a potential smoke-filled room "compromise" that would give the Democratic presidential nomination to none other than Al Gore. The opening has emerged because opinion polls … Continue reading

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Oldest Recording?

I'll let readers judge for themselves here. A recently-formed group claims it has found a recording of a human voice that was made before Thomas Edison invented the phonograph by some 17 years. The recording was reportedly made by a … Continue reading

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The Pending Prospect Of A Positively Putrid P.C. Presidency

To my mind, there is much to dislike about the idea of an Obama presidency.  On the one hand there is the purely political objection to a lightly vetted candidate whose political track record suggests a strident left-wing agenda, which most … Continue reading

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Where Has All The Magic Gone?

Mark Steyn reflects on Sir Edmund Hillary Danger Rodham Clinton and the loss of the old Clintonian magic. It is as if everything that used to work has suddenly stopped. Clinton gets caught telling a whopper about sniper fire and … Continue reading

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Adding An Adjunct

Regular readers here at Blue Crab Boulevard will remember that I asked Rich Horton from The Iconic Midwest to guest post here when I accompanied my wife on a business trip she had to make. Recently, Rich took me at … Continue reading

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