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Prince Harry: I’m No Hero

Untitled document Prince Harry has returned home to Britain after word leaked that he was serving in Afghanistan. But he is rejecting the title that the press and politicians are trying to hang on him. He is, he insists, no … Continue reading

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Obama: Busily Restoring America’s Place

Untitled document Barack Obama has not managed to secure the Democratic nomination yet, despite the disarray in camp Clinton. But he is succeeding – spectacularly – at enraging American allies with his sanctimony. First he alienates Canada and Mexico with … Continue reading

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Ending Badly, But Ending

Untitled document Eleanor Clift at Newsweek pronounces the Hillary Clinton campaign dead. She opens with a visit to Clinton headquarters by an unnamed visitor. What the visitor saw is a demoralized campaign in utter disarray.  The day of reckoning for … Continue reading

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How Ahnold Got His Tank Back

Untitled document Arnold Schwarzenegger has reclaimed his tank and plans to offer rides to schoolchildren in the M-47 as an incentive to stay in school. Why does he have an M-47 tank? Because he can. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator star and … Continue reading

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Untitled document Yet another Clinton campaign backfire. Her version of the "Daisy" ad helped bring about an unintentionally humorous moment during a campaign phone conference with reporters. Well, the press was amused, anyway. The Clinton campaign is likely not laughing … Continue reading

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Reckless Pandering

Untitled document Even the Washington Post is appalled at the anti-NAFTA rhetoric issuing forth from The Great Left Hope and Her inevitableness. They slam the promises of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as pandering at best, reckless at worst. NEVER … Continue reading

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Let The Howling Begin

Untitled document Actually, the howling has already started. The decision by the US Air Force to award a new aerial refueling tanker contract to a Northrup-Grumman/EADS consortium instead of to Boeing is actually uniting lawmakers from both parties. There is … Continue reading

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“I won’t Be In Today….

Untitled document …I had a friend shoot me." A Washington man had a friend shoot him in the shoulder so he could take some time off from work. Sheriff's detectives in Franklin County, Wash., say a man had his friend … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Ricin Mystery

Untitled document Still more confusion is coming out about the ricin discovered in a Las Vegas hotel room. Weapons and a textbook described as anarchist in nature that described how to make ricin were also discovered. But the narrative by … Continue reading

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Heels, Makeup And A Blow-dried Muskrat

Untitled document In a story that will likely give PETA a case of apoplectic hysterics, the Washington Post covers the annual Miss Outdoors pageant held as part of the Eastern Shores festival in Maryland. One of the contestants combined the … Continue reading

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Looming Hunger

Untitled document The United States Agency for International Development, USAID, will have to significantly reduce the amount of food aid it distributes to many of the neediest countries due to soaring food prices. With increasing amounts of food being diverted … Continue reading

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