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Abandon Ship

Untitled document Former Clinton loyalists are signaling that a loss by Hillary Clinton on Tuesday will bring a lot of pressure on her to fold and walk away from the primaries. Oh, they couch it in general terms, but they … Continue reading

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Ricin Case Update

Untitled document The FBI is searching a house and a storage unit in Utah as part of the Las Vegas ricin case. There still is no word on what exactly is going on with all this, but authorities continue to … Continue reading

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Chavez Threatening Colombia

Untitled document (T)Hugo Chavez has moved ten battalions of his army to the Colombian border. His intentions are not clear, but the volume of his rhetoric indicates that he may be willing to go to war allied with the criminals … Continue reading

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Thin Résumé

Untitled document David Ignatius points out that Barack Obama, the Great Left Hope, has a pretty darn thin résumé when it comes to actually accomplishing the bi-partisan changes he promises. When Ignatius looked into Obama's history he found only one … Continue reading

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The SNL Gambit

Untitled document Well, now we know why Hillary Clinton didn't show up for a flight to Ohio with her campaign. She was on her way to New York to perform the next step in her uber-tippity-top secret Saturday Night Live … Continue reading

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The Dissatisfaction Market Society

Untitled document There's road rage, there are people who talk loudly on their cell phones, there the people who scream at airline ticket agents because their flight is delayed by bad weather. All signs of a serious and growing problem … Continue reading

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