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Secret Agreements

Untitled document In the face of increasingly bellicose statements from Venezuela and Ecuador, Colombia is reporting that they have evidence of secret agreements between FARC and those two governments. They also have another bombshell: BOGOTA (AFP) – Colombia on Monday … Continue reading

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Introducing The Whooping Crane-O-Matic!

Untitled document There are only about 360 or them left – which is actually a huge improvement from the 15 that were left in the mid-20th century – but whooping cranes now face a new extinction mechanism. Or rather a … Continue reading

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Untitled document The story about Barack Obama's staffer meeting with Canadian officials to assure them that Obama didn't really mean what he was saying against NAFTA has achieved that most important thing in politics: the story has legs. The wire … Continue reading

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Words Matter – Slogans Not So Much

Untitled document Today's chuckle from Donklephant:  "If you buy Nike because you feel like just doing it, you’re an idiot." That's a snark in the body of a serious discussion of the descent of political discourse into catchphrase hell. It's … Continue reading

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UNSC Imposes Additional Sanctions On Iran

Untitled document The United Nations Security Council has just imposed a third round of sanctions on Iran for refusing to shut down its nuclear program. The vote was 14-0 with Indonesia abstaining. UNITED NATIONS – The U.N. Security Council approved … Continue reading

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Adding “Eco” In Front Doesn’t Make It Better

Untitled document Investigators in Seattl, Washington are investigating the burning of three model homes as acts of terrorism. Evidence found at the scene indicates that the arsons were committed by the Earth Liberation Front. WOODINVILLE, Wash. – Fires gutted three … Continue reading

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Who’s Last Chance?

Untitled document An interesting take on the Texas and Ohio primaries from Michael Goodwin today. He points out that the focus has been on Clinton and her must-win status in both contests. Goodwin points out that it may just as … Continue reading

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Oopsie – I was Misquoted

Untitled document It turns out that that flap about an Obama advisor privately assuring a Canadian diplomat that the candidate's anti-NAFTA  rhetoric was all for show is a little more complicated than first thought. When a Canadian television network first … Continue reading

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