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The Mystery Of The Three Right Feet

Untitled document Authorities in Canada are more than a bit concerned after the third shoe dropped, so to speak. A third severed human foot – size 12 and wearing an athletic shoe, just like the first two – has washed … Continue reading

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Swamp Stompers Alert

Untitled document Via Swampstompers and Dread Pundit Bluto: Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Blogs of War: U.S. Companies Hosting Terror Supporters (HELP NEEDED!) The Jawa Report and The Dread Pundit Bluto declare war on the jihad forum that recently … Continue reading

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Nanny State Enables Stupidity

Untitled document Well, whenever I think the British nanny state really can't get more ridiculous, they prove me wrong. The latest act of "genius" for wrapping the populace in absolute safety from their own stupidity? Wrapping lampposts and other hard … Continue reading

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Define “Win”

Untitled document Jackie Calmes over at the WSJ points out that barring a knockout blow from the Obama campaign on the Clinton effort, things are going to get murky, fast. The delegate math gets screwy if the primaries today are … Continue reading

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Untitled document NASA scientists have captured images of actual, active avalanches – on Mars.  Pasadena, Calif. – A NASA spacecraft in orbit around Mars has taken the first ever image of active avalanches near the Red Planet's north pole. The … Continue reading

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Britain’s “State Seer”

Untitled document Newly declassified documents reveal just how desperate Britain was in the early days of the Second World War. They hired an astrologer. In short order, they had a problem on their hands. In the battle against Hitler, he … Continue reading

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Chavez Paying FARC?

Untitled document Colombia says it has evidence that Hugo Chavez has given some $300 million to FARC and is truning that evidence over to the Organization of American States. They are also refusing to send troops to their border with … Continue reading

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Hatchet Job

Untitled document Well, the Washington Post actually is reporting on the meeting of global warming skeptics in New York City. Primarily they do so to snark at those who are refusing to agree with the "consensus". The reporter includes a … Continue reading

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