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Paranoia Strikes Deep….

Untitled document …into your life it will creep. The Daily Mail reports on a, shall we say, breathess report from the New Scientist (which could better be described as the Old Conspiracy Theorist, but we digress). It sounds like the … Continue reading

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Mud Slung

Untitled document Well, Barack Obama is going on the offensive. The mud is flying by the bucketful. (CNN) – Barack Obama's campaign took fresh aim at Hillary Clinton Wednesday for refusing to release her tax returns, asking in a memo … Continue reading

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Dean: Take A Mulligan – Or Else

Untitled document Howard Dean appears to have intervened in the dispute about the void Michigan and Florida delegates in a way that may favor Obama. He will not allow the party rules to be bent retroactively to seat the delegates. … Continue reading

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You Will Be severely Punished

Untitled document A mayor of a small French town has issued a decree promising severe punishment for any citizen daring to die without a reservation. I'm not kidding. In an ordinance posted in the council offices, Mayor Gerard Lalanne told … Continue reading

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Quick Hits

Untitled document Some things you might find interesting. Brattleboro, Vermont, the town that can't keep clothes on its teenagers thinks it has the authority to order the arrest of the President and Vice President of the United States.  One of … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Phony Oprah-Endorsed Memoir

Untitled document This is amusing. Another Oprah Winfrey endorsed memoir (or endorsed by her magazine) has turned out to be a work of fiction. The book, purportedly by a biracial gang member was actually written by a well-off white woman … Continue reading

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A Media Myth In The Making

Untitled document The Associated Press is asking whether Hillary Clinton's uber-tippity-top-secret Saturday Night Live strategy was the thing that triggered all the sudden media scrutiny that may have dented Barack Obama's halo. NEW YORK – Life imitating art or just … Continue reading

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Talking Digital

Untitled document The Washington Post has a story today about a digital change taking place at the Library of Congress in a little known service. Unless you have need of this service, which provides talking books to the blind and … Continue reading

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Clinton Pulls It Off

Untitled document Much to my surprise, CNN is now calling Hillary Clinton the winner in Ohio, the Texas primary and Rhode Island. The Texas caucuses are still undecided but the report at this hour puts Clinton narrowly ahead. Obama won … Continue reading

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