Paranoia Strikes Deep….

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…into your life it will creep. The Daily Mail reports on a, shall we say, breathess report from the New Scientist (which could better be described as the Old Conspiracy Theorist, but we digress).

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction – beetles, rats and sharks turned into cunning spies courtesy of a brain implant or two.

But such scenarios are fast moving from fantasy to fact, with laboratories around the world hatching a new breed of spy.

Moths, beetles, rats, pigeons and sharks have been installed with electrodes, batteries and even video cameras in an attempt to create the ultimate spook.

This week's New Scientist reports: "The next time a moth lands on your window sill, watch what you say.

"It may look like an innocent visitor, irresistibly drawn to the light in your room, but it could actually be a spy – one of a new generation of cyborg insects with implants wired into their nerves to allow remote control of their movement.

"Be warned, flesh-and-blood bugs may soon live up to their name."

And less than half a century ago they were promising hovercars. Damn them. The man keeping us down all over again, man. As usual, the New Scientist has it all wrong. We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have had this technology for ages.

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7 Responses to Paranoia Strikes Deep….

  1. chuck says:

    It’s about time for DDT to make a comeback.

  2. Maggie says:

    Gaius –
    Not that shutter-bug again
    The very first time I ever came onto your site you had some post up of that dragonfly w/camera …
    Since I don’t recall the date when I first arrived here on the B.C. Blvd., but seeing that picture again, I’ll take this as our anniversary.

  3. Gaius says:

    It just seemed appropriate given the paranoid delusional folks over there. Glad to have you reading the Crabitat, Maggie.

  4. skeneogden says:

    During the Civil War the north attached cameras to birds to scout southern military positions.  I guess insect spies are the next logical progression. 

  5. Uncle Fester says:

    I think my dachshund ate him the other day.

  6. sam says:

    For What It’s Worth, I have been from Buffalo to Springfield, and have not seen any spy insects.

  7. Mockinbird says:

    Back during the War between the States, Confederate forces put cameras on coons, oppossums, and, here in North Florida, even one gator. It didn’t work, cause the coons and oppossums just shot photos of Yankee garbage dumps, and the gator got in a fight with another male that bit the camera off.

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