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An Irish Variant On The Stairway-Free Zone

Untitled document Being a guitar player, I have visited many guitar stores through the years. Once I even made a longish side trip on a drive to Florida to stop at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. I'm still alive, a testament … Continue reading

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One Simply Must Reduce One’s Carbon Footprint

Untitled document Mustn't one? Prince Charles of Britain and his wife Camilla are doing their bit to save the planet. The pictures – and the sanctimonious tone speak for themselves.  They'll wave from the yacht.   Tweet

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Utter Nonsense

Untitled document You might put an eye out, but the extravagant claims by an expert in this Daily Mail article are ridiculous. The SwissMiniGun is the size of a key fob but fires tiny 270mph bullets powerful enough to kill … Continue reading

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Do The Crime, Eat Better

Untitled document It appears that British criminals eat considerably better than the patients in National Health Service hospitals. About four times better, in point of fact. Prisoners held in police cells are having up to four times as much spent … Continue reading

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We’ve Been Here Before

Untitled document New York City police report that a small bomb or incendiary device has exploded near a military recruiting station in Times Square. WCBS reports that a hole has been blown through the window of the office and that … Continue reading

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Backstabbing Goes Public!

Untitled document The Washington Post reports that the Clinton campaign is going even more public with their internal political backstabbing even in the wake of Tuesday's victories. Anyone who couldn't see the Clinton campaign lining up Mark Penn as the … Continue reading

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Intervention Delayed

Untitled document Robert Novak reports that a political burial detail had already been organized at the top levels of the Democratic party to force the corpse of the Clinton campaign into the ground. That detail hastily backed off when the … Continue reading

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Untitled document Well, the Obama campaign appears to have gone green. They're recycling all the old viciousness the left has been using on George Bush for years now and applying it to Hillary Clinton. Today, it's prying the Most Secretive® … Continue reading

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