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Murderous Buffoons

Untitled document The Daily Mail has an interesting article on the clownish yet deadly Baader-Meinhof gang. It is an ugly picture of a group that epitomized the worst of the late 1960s Western "revolutionaries". Partnered with the PLO and a … Continue reading

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Sweden’s Latest State Monopoly

Untitled document Pharmacies in Sweden are run by a state monopoly, in much the same way that alcohol sales are run exclusively by the Canadian government. But the Swedish stores will be branching out a bit from selling the usual … Continue reading

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Lend A Hand To FARC

Untitled document Colombia announced today that FARC could use a hand. After all, the Colombian government has one that formerly belonged to one of their to commanders. BOGOTA, Colombia – A top rebel leader was killed by his own chief … Continue reading

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Message To The Nutroots

Untitled document Well, I missed the big ruckus over Obama advisor Samantha Power resigning when her remarks about Hillary Clinton were revealed. Ok, so she called Hillary a monster. Politically, that is never a good move. But Ben Smith at … Continue reading

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Britain’s Shame

Untitled document British Air Force personnel from at least one base were advised to only wear civilian clothing when going off the base. Why? Because civilians had subjected uniformed personnel to harassment. To his credit, Gordon Brown has intervened   … Continue reading

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Watch Your $#$#@@! Language

Untitled document The California city of South Pasadena has put the foul of mouth on notice. No more bad language in public. SOUTH PASADENA, Calif. — What the @$%#? This community on the edge of Los Angeles has become a … Continue reading

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Terrorist Ties Exposed

Untitled document The Washington Post has been given copies of a number of memos and emails obtained by the Colombian government in the raid they conducted on a FARC camp just over the border into Ecuador.  The Post  says that … Continue reading

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We Sent Men To The Moon

Untitled document The United States is the only nation on earth that has sent men to the moon. But in two years we will be reduced to paying the Russians to keep us in space, just as the International Space … Continue reading

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