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Past His Expiration Date?

Untitled document Victor Davis Hanson compares the recent media craze over Barack Obama with the Pet Rock phenemenon. The comparison is not flattering to Obama – or the rocks for that matter. In fall 1975 I remember sitting in the … Continue reading

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Clintons: We Win!

Untitled document The media is increasingly reporting the possibility of a Clinton-Obama ticket as floated by the Clinton campaign. That would be her on top of the ticket despite being behind in delegate count. Even Reuters is seeing the cynicism … Continue reading

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Matching Shoes, Handbag And Handgun

Untitled document CNN has a video report about the increasing numbers of women who are buying and training with handguns . One (male) instructor interviewed for the story says the women are better students than men are because they have … Continue reading

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Don’t DO Fear The Reaper

Untitled document The newest unmanned aerial vehicle in the US and British arsenals are about to go operational in Afghanistan. The Reaper will be controlled by operators sitting in a facility near Las Vegas, Nevada, but will be capable of … Continue reading

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Silver Star

Untitled document Specialist Monica Lin Brown, a US Army medic from Lake Jackson, Texas, will receive the third highest ranked decoration of the United States, the Silver Star. In a gallant action in Afghanistan, SPC. Brown ran through an active … Continue reading

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A Cheesebox On A Raft

Untitled document U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph On March 9, 1862, the USS Monitor, described as a 'cheesebox on a raft', met the CSS Virginia in the first naval battle between two ironclad warships. The hard fought battle was a … Continue reading

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Jules Verne Finally Reaches Space

Untitled document Well, not the long-dead author himself, but the spacecraft named in his honor. The Europea-built robotic freight spacecraft roared into space from the launch facility in French Guiana early this morning. The craft is set to rendezvous with … Continue reading

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Record Shattered

Untitled document Columbus, Ohio had the distinction of shattering a record that has stood since 1910. Not that they wanted to, mind you. Around 20 inches of snow has fallen in a massive storm. The 1910 record was 15.3 inches. … Continue reading

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“I Show You At 1,742 Knots On The Ground”

Untitled document Maggie's Farm has a wonderful appreciation of the SR-71 Blackbird written by Major Brian Shul, one of the few men to fly the 'sled', as she was known to those who loved her. Tweet

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