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Obama To Clinton: Not Hardly

Untitled document Barack Obama has no intention of surrendering to Hillary Clinton. In fact, he spurned her offer to give up his frontrunner status and become a fifth wheel on the Clinton ticket rather publicly – and in rather harsh … Continue reading

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“George Fox” To Resign

Untitled document The fall has been sudden and from an unexpected cause. Eliot Spitzer, aka George Fox, appears to have destroyed his career by habituating a prostitution ring. According to a law enforcement source close to the investigation, the Democratic … Continue reading

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Back To The Stone Age

Untitled document The Washington Post reports on some new studies that call for a reduction of carbon emissions by industrialized countries to zero. Avoid the rush, stop breathing now. The task of cutting greenhouse gas emissions enough to avert a … Continue reading

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Bad System, Bad Decisions

Untitled document The New York Times has an article written by Randall Stross looking at the latest class-action lawsuit filed against Microsoft. Stross looks at the internal memos written by Microsoft executives and analyzes what has gone wrong with Vista. … Continue reading

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