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…The Professor And Mary Ann Jane….

Untitled document As I recall it, the original theme song for Gilligan's Island did not mention two characters, the Professor and Mary Ann. They were added later (I just checked and yes, they were originally called "the rest" rather than … Continue reading

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Spitzer And A Plea Bargain

Untitled document ABC News is reporting that the only thing holding Eliot Spitzer back from resigning as governor of New York is not having a plea bargain in place that avoids him going to jail. His money-laundering in order to … Continue reading

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Stunning Lack Of Judgment

Untitled document If the quote in a California newspaper is accurate, Geraldine Ferraro exhibited a monumental lack of judgment and will undoubtedly soon be thrown under the Clinton campaign bus. The latest controversy ripped between the two campaigns as primary … Continue reading

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“George Fox” One Big Spender

Untitled document Eliot "Happy With Hookers" Spitzer turns out to be a real big spender. In fact, he may have ponied up as much as $80,000 keeping his hookers happy. ALBANY, N.Y. – With pressure mounting on Gov. Eliot Spitzer … Continue reading

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The Aftermath of Winter In China

Untitled document In the wake of brutal winter storms in China, there are new worries about the inflation rate. Why are those tied together, you ask? Simple: the storms destroyed many crops and food prices are soaring. Consumer prices in … Continue reading

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Trying To Stop Terrorists With Lawsuits

Untitled document The Regents of the University of California have filed a lawsuit against "animal activists" who have been harassing university researchers at their private residences. The increasingly violent terrorists – and they are terrorists – have been aggressively attacking … Continue reading

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The One To Feel Sorry For

Untitled document As Dana Milbank at the Washington Post points out today, the allegedly kinky Eliot Spitzer's sexual proclivities and the political damage that has been done to his career are only minor things compared to the cruelty spitzer inflicted … Continue reading

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Endeavour Lifts Off

Untitled document In a rare night launch, space shuttle Endeavour has lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center taking a Canadian-built robot and the first section of a Japanese science laboratory into space. The mission is planned to last an … Continue reading

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