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Conflict Of Interest

Untitled document Ouch. A very sharp observation from Bruce Webster about what might be a real problem – even more than he already has – for Eliot "The Whorable" Spitzer. What if he was trying to kill off competition for … Continue reading

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Working In Their Memory

Untitled document I've posted twice before on the search for the wreck of the World War Two submarine Grunion (here and here). But for a lot of people, it is not about the hunt for the sub itself. It is … Continue reading

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The Hottest Gadget, The Newest Virus

Untitled document Something new to keep gadget freaks awake at night: plug that new toy into your computer and you may be infecting your computer with a virus.  Recent cases reviewed by The Associated Press include some of the most … Continue reading

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Spring Break – Rodent Style

Untitled document A flight from Des Moines, Iowa was grounded for some five hours when flight attendants noticed a mouse was apparently trying to fly south for spring break. "The safety of our passengers is our number one priority," said … Continue reading

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Obama’s Albatross

Untitled document These are not the words that will win the hearts and minds of American voters. They come from a man that Obama has recently tried to distance himself from, but that effort will be far too little, far … Continue reading

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Why Obama Will Win The Nomination

Untitled document An analysis over at Real Clear Politics by Peter Brown explains why he believes Obama will win the nomination. Among the current leaders of the party are many more women, African-Americans and Hispanics — but they're less diverse … Continue reading

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Stealing Home

Untitled document It's relatively unusual to use the term stealing home to describe soccer players, but that appears to fit the situation. Five Cuban soccer players have disappeared after playing a match in the United States. TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — … Continue reading

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Spitzer Not Out Of The Legal Woods Yet

Untitled document Eliot Spitzer may still face criminal charges over his hooker habit. A Federal prosecutor in New York denies that any deal was reached with Spitzer before he resigned as governor. On top of charges stemming from his involvement … Continue reading

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