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Getting Hungry Yet?

Untitled document Or are you just feeling broke? The price of wheat traditionally hovers around $3 to $7 per bushel. Things have changed recently. The price went up a bit in February. To $24 per bushel. That price has now … Continue reading

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The Master Pastor Of Disaster

Untitled document Mark Steyn looks at the political disaster that Barack Obama faces over his pastor's extremist, race-baiting remarks. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright's remarks have been widely discussed, of course as has Obama's failure to denounce those inflammatory words until … Continue reading

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The Tunnels Of Arras

Untitled document An almost forgotten bit of history from the First World War has been rediscovered under the streets of the French city of Arras. A huge tunnel complex built by the British to allow their troops to attack the … Continue reading

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Interstellar Opportunity

Untitled document Here's your chance to own your very own split-level flying saucer! An unusual flying saucer shaped home is up for auction in Tennessee. Built in 1970, the odd structure stands on six "landing legs" and sports a curved … Continue reading

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I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore

Untitled document Must be downtown Atlanta. What appears to have been a tornado slammed into downtown Atlanta, Georgia last night causing a considerable amount of damage and injuring some 15 people. There are fears that there may be more victims … Continue reading

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