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Skiing Into June

Untitled document Another note on the winter we are having here in the US. Ski areas all across the country are extending their seasons – at least one will still have slopes open into the month of June. The snow, … Continue reading

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Winter Lingers On

Untitled document Yet another winter storm is pummeling southern California and the west today as the jet stream dips far down to the south. In fact, Accuweather is predicting that the loop in the jet stream will actually move all … Continue reading

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It Must Be War Analogy Day In The Media

Untitled document Jeff Jacoby uses another war and a different analogy today in his column . He points out that General George S. Patton, Jr. would not think much of today's Democratic presidential candidates. Because Patton was not tolerant of … Continue reading

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The Not-So-Great War

Untitled document The Politico calls the phase of the Democratic nomination process they are entering trench warfare, World War One style. There are too few delegates left to be chosen to put either Obama or Clinton over the top and … Continue reading

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